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The married couple Wu Chung-Hsien and Chen Hui-Wen founded the contract manufacturing company JKE in 1999. Their customers come from the electrical industry, as well as the mechanical engineering, medical and energy sectors. The family company from Taichung in Taiwan grew quickly at first, then even more quickly, soon employing 190 employees. The couple discovered a new market in 2014: complex 3D tube design in metal for the native mechanical engineering industry. Wu and Chen decided to purchase a fully automatic laser tube-cutting machine in order to be one of the best right from the start. It proved to be just right for them: for their goal is not just to be successful, but also to make the world a little bit more beautiful.

JKE Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

JKE is a contract manufacturer and produces for the export business and the Taiwanese mechanical engineering industry. The founding couple Wu and Chen have a philosophy for their company: "We provide our customers with top quality and beautiful products. We help them become even more successful. We make the world a better place with prosperity and love." And very important for the family company: "We do not forget our humble beginnings, and we want to give something back to society."

Mechanical engineering
Number of employees
Taichung City (Taiwan, China)
TRUMPF products
  • TruLaser Tube 7000
  • LoadMaster Tube
  • Laser tube cutting
  • Automation


JKE has grown rapidly since it was founded. The contract manufacturer produces components for lawn mowers, industrial sewing machines, fire trucks or elevators, for example. 65 percent are exported into the USA, to Europe and Australia. Wu explains their business success: "Our ambition from the very beginning was to be one of the best. So, right from the start, we decided we would only work with the best in the field." This is why the couple are tackling a new market: highly complex tube designs for their native mechanical engineering industry. The venture was only possible with a carefully thought out investment beforehand.

Our ambition from the very beginning was to be one of the best. So, right from the start, we decided we would only work with the best in the field.

Wu Chung-Hsien
CEO of JKE Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


The couple decided to purchase a TruLaser Tube 7000 and the LoadMaster Tube automation. Wu explains their choice: "A decisive factor for us when purchasing the machine was that it is highly automated and that TRUMPF has an outstanding local service team right here in Taiwan." Their purchase lines up with their ideals as well: "TRUMPF and JKE are both family companies. I believe we share the same values: sustainable management, striving for technical excellence and investment in good staff."



The laser tube-cutting machine has been operational in the JKE hall since 2014. The TruLaser Tube 7000 is automatically loaded by a LoadMaster Tube and cuts tubes with diameters of up to 250 millimeters and wall thicknesses of up to eight millimeters in mild steel. Wu is satisfied: "The machine produces with consistently top quality. This really sets us apart from our competitors."


The secret to the entrepreneurial success of Wu and Chen is more than good business acumen. They live by a philosophy close to their heart: "High quality is connected to beauty. And we want to give our customers beauty so they can be even more successful. We use our creativity to make the world a better place with prosperity, success and love." This is also mirrored in the company's relaxed family atmosphere. "We want our staff to be happy and find joy in their work. It is not just about business success for us, we want to cultivate joy at JKE."

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