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Unloading automation interface with longitudinal conveyor belt

Reducing operator involvement, preventing errors

Reducing operator involvement, preventing errors

The unloading automation interface with longitudinal conveyor belt is used for the automated unloading of finished parts on a TruLaser Tube machine. The automation of an integrator of your choice can be connected to the mechanical and digital interface including the longitudinal conveyor belt.

This means:

Reducing operator involvement

The unloading automation increases the degree of automation and reduces operator involvement.

Avoiding unloading errors

Automated unloading prevents errors and increases the efficiency of the machine.

Automatic and manual unloading possible

Automated or manual unloading of your machine. Access to the TruLaser Tube is retained.

Low space requirements

The unloading automation takes up little space. It connects lengthways along the TruLaser Tube.

Automated unloading of tubes via the unloading automation interface with longitudinal conveyor belt

Unload tubes automatically via the unloading automation interface with longitudinal conveyor belt. This reduces operator involvement, errors, and costs.

Sorting flap

The sorting flap automatically guides the cut parts for manual removal on to the conveyor table or for automated unloading on to the longitudinal conveyor belt.

Longitudinal conveyor belt

The height-adjustable longitudinal conveyor belt is program-controlled and transports the finished parts into an independent safety area. The automated height adjustment reduces the drop height of the parts preventing any damage.

Digital unloading interface

The TruLaser Tube machines and automation can exchange information via the digital unloading interface so that information on the components and their status can be shared directly.

Beispielaufstellung für Schnittstelle Entladeautomatisierung mit Längsförderband

Tube processing chain

Fully automated tube processing chain prevents any skills shortages, high costs, and operating errors.

Automated loading and unloading

Load and unload your machine fully automatically and reduce operator involvement.

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