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Laser-welded gear differential
Laser-welded gear differential

Plasma treatment

Uncompromisingly pure by using plasma

Plasma technology has further areas of application in industrial production in addition to plasma coating and plasma etching. Workpiece surfaces then require only modification rather than removal or coating. Cleaning:
Workpieces in metal processing previously underwent fine cleaning using CFCs. An alternative for surface cleaning is to use the extremely high reactivity of a gas excited in plasma. Organic residues, for example, can be fully removed using oxygen. Surface activation:
Plasma treatment can chemically modify the inert surface of a workpiece so that color coatings adhere without needing a special primer. This process is particularly practical for the diversity of plastic component designs. Plasma diffusion:
Steel workpiece surfaces often require hardening and corrosion protection. This can be achieved in the plasma simply by nitriding, boriding, or carburizing.


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