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Small nozzle, big impact

Custom Laser has gained a great deal thanks to a small enhancement to its TruLaser 5030 fiber: the component manufacturer based in the United States saves time and nitrogen with the Highspeed Eco nozzle. 

Custom Laser Inc

The machine pool of the contract manufacturer Custom Laser Incorporated in Lockport, USA, has twelve laser cutting machines, including a TruLaser 5030 fiber with an output of 8 kilowatts, which are all involved in the production of high-quality metal components in a factory covering over 5,000 square meters – from delicate spiral staircase rails to steel structures for solar cells.




Lockport, NY, USA


Mechanical engineering & operating technology

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TRUMPF machines in operation
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  • TruLaser 3030 fiber
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Despite its large machine pool consisting of twelve laser cutting machines, Custom Laser wants even more – or shall we say: less. That is, to use less nitrogen in laser cutting when processing thick mild steel and stainless steel plates without losing any throughput, but saving time instead. And with as little expenditure as possible. At the same time, the quality in terms of smoothness, oxidation and burr formation must also increase significantly.

"The Highspeed Eco nozzle is an excellent addition of our TRUMPF equipment."

Gary Brockman
President and owner of Custom Laser


Big claims fulfilled by a small part: the Highspeed Eco nozzle from TRUMPF. Custom Laser saves up to 70 percent cutting gas with Highspeed Eco. The modularly constructed nozzle with its patented design is a top scorer: its casing glides so closely along the material that hardly any cutting gas can escape and reaches the kerf directly. This reduces the gas pressure needed to free the kerf from molten material by up to 60 percent. Compared to standard procedures, the feed rate in fusion cutting with Highspeed Eco is also twice as high at times and the results are optimum: smooth, uniform edges, minimal oxidation at the bottom and significantly reduced burr formation even with sharp corners.



Custom Laser's upgrade of the TruLaser 5030 fiber with the new Highspeed Eco nozzle only took one working day altogether, but will have a lasting impact for the American company. The innovative cutting procedure made it possible for Custom Laser to cut thicker carbon and stainless steel much faster – in some cases more than 250 centimeters a minute. In addition, control of the pierced holes has improved compared to when using oxygen for carbon steel.


Thanks to Highspeed Eco which is suitable for all machines of the TruLaser Series 5000 and some of the 3000 Series, Custom Laser has more or less procured a 13th laser cutting machine for the future – one that helps to lower the costs sustainably and to step up production while saving gas.

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