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DepositionLine technology package | TRUMPF

DepositionLine technology package

For your complete solution

The complete package for your entry into laser metal deposition

Tap into new markets with laser metal deposition – from coating to repair, through to additive manufacturing: In addition to the beam source and powder feeder, the DepositionLine technology package includes optics and nozzles. Due to its modular structure, you can also put it together to suit your OEM solution. Whether you want to enable a specific special system to produce your end product using laser metal deposition, or whether you, a machine and systems engineer, want to expand your portfolio with a machine for laser metal deposition – with the DepositionLine technology package you can find the right product tailored to your needs. With TRUMPF at your side, you have a reliable partner who will support you with the further development of your product portfolio, and who can offer you a global service network around the clock.

Modular construction

Put the technology package together so that it is perfect for your OEM solution.

Total flexibility

Benefit from TRUMPF's laser expertise and select the beam source from our portfolio that best suits your requirements.

Everything from a single source

Perfectly coordinated – TRUMPF provides you with a complete package comprising the beam source, powder feeder, nozzle, and optics.

Reliable and skilled

You can rely on the perfect solution with individual TRUMPF application consultation and global service.

Laser metal deposition is a generative production process for metals that can be used for the widest range of applications – from repairs to generative processes. Watch the video to find out exactly how it works and what options it provides you with.
TRUMPF laser systems enable extreme high-speed laser deposition welding ("EHLA"). Here, large components can be coated at over 250 square centimeters a minute.
Laser metal deposition is also suitable as the perfect joining process to bridge gaps of several millimeters, creating uniform, tight seams – completely without post-processing.
Product image, beam sources in the technology package
The perfect beam source for every application

The choice is yours. No matter whether you want to join individual contacts or weld battery foils; with TRUMPF you can choose the optimum beam source – pulsed or continuous wave – depending on the application.

Chopper with LMD contour

Coating a maize chopper

To optimize the service life of a maize chopper, components are provided with a wear-resistant hard coating using laser metal deposition.

Laser metal deposition of a compressor blade

Repairing a compressor blade

Repair is another main area of application of laser metal deposition. This is because the generative manufacturing method means there are no costs for a new component with an expensive manufacturing process.

Laser metal deposition for pistons, laser metal deposition

Wear protection on a piston

Effective wear protection can be created on a piston using laser metal deposition. The protection layer preserves expensive parts against wear and repair.

Product image, beam sources in the technology package

Beam source

The right laser for every application: Both the TruDisk disk laser as well as the TruDiode diode laser can be used within the technology package. With its many years of expertise in the industrial environment, TRUMPF has developed and produced both lasers itself. As several laser outputs can be used, multiple systems can be served by one beam source. This means you benefit from a much lower initial investment.

Welding optics

Using our welding optics, you simply focus the laser beam on the workpiece. Here our robust and industrially tested focusing optics from the BEO product group are used for laser metal deposition. These have motorized focusing, with which the focal point can simply be adjusted in the Z direction.

Produktbild Pulverförderer

Powder feeder

The powder feeder ensures effective metering and the transport of the metal powder from the storage container to the workpiece. Here you have the choice between two different feeding principles: vibratory feeders or disk feeders.


You focus the powder on the workpiece using the process nozzles. A wide range of applications can be processed using our different nozzles. Here there are coaxial nozzles for the finest track widths, multijet nozzles for higher application rates and complete 3D-capability, as well as an EHLA nozzle for the utmost surface application rates.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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