TRUMPF Showroom in Plymouth Township, MI

The Laser Technology Center brings the full range of laser material processing techniques under one roof. Specializing in connecting complex and demanding applications with enabling laser technology by TRUMPF, the experts in Detroit can help you find intelligent solutions for material structuring, surface treatment, marking, cutting, joining and more.

Machines Available for Demonstration

TruLaser Cell 7040

TRUMPF 3D-Laserbearbeitungsmaschine TruLaser Cell 7040

With the TruLaser Cell Series 7040 laser system you have everything you need – regardless of whether you want to process two or three-dimensional components or tubes. You can change between cutting and welding with flexibility. The modular setup of the machine, as well as the option of individual adjustment and retrofitting, enable you to optimally customize the TruLaser Cell Series 7040 to a modified production environment and to react to changing customer requirements with flexibility.

TruLaser Cell 3000

TruLaser Cell 3000, unique and universal

With the compact and high-precision 5-axis laser machine TruLaser Cell 3000 you can weld and cut in two or three dimensions. In addition, the 3D laser machine is also ideal for laser metal deposition (LMD). From prototypes to large-scale series production with extensive automation, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority across the board. This applies in particular to cost-effective laser processing of small to medium-sized components with top quality.

TruLaser Station 7000

Are you looking for a compact, efficient and ergonomic 3D laser welding system for processing small assemblies such as sensors, rotationally symmetrical components and medical devices? The TruLaser Station 7000 is a compact and fully equipped, low-investment 3D laser welding system in the TRUMPF portfolio. The broad range of applications is possible with the higher laser power. The large work area for integrating fixtures and processing larger components in a small installation area is possible. An optional rotary table enables large quantities to be processed more productively than with comparable products.

TruPulse 203


The tried-and-tested pulsed solid-state lasers in the TruPulse series enable short, high-energy pulses at high power. The pulse power of several kilowatts for a few milliseconds means that spot welding and seam welding are now also possible in places where other methods fail. Thermally sensitive applications in particular benefit from the advantages of pulsed solid-state lasers.

TruDisk 1021

TruDisk 1020

TruDisk with green wavelength, ideal for copper and other highly reflective materials.  The lab laser is 1 kW with beam quality of ≥ 2 mm•mrad, additionally in the product portfolio is a 2kW version with beam quality of ≥ 5 mm•mrad.  Laser welding not just efficient, but also with high quality and productivity, regardless of the material surface finish. Spatter formation is minimized as much as possible with green wavelength on copper. At the same time, you benefit from maximum reproducibility. Whether for spot or linear welding, the green laser light turns heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding with a constant welding depth into reliable processes. At TRUMPF you'll also benefit from a complete package based on our proven TruDisk disk laser technology, several laser light cable outputs, processing optics, and an intelligent sensor systems.

TruPrint 1000 Green Edition

The TruPrint 1000 is the most productive machine in compact form and offers you all the benefits of additive manufacturing. The build volume (cylinder) is 100 mm in diameter and a height of 100 mm. The TruPrint 1000 can be used to create components in almost any geometric shape. Even relatively complex shapes can be quickly and easily converted from the CAD design to a 3D metallic component – with top quality. You can use the TruPrint 1000 for the generative production of small industrial single parts and series. With the Green edition, it is possible to print pure copper due to the unique TruDisk green laser.

TruPrint 2000

With its small 55-µm laser beam diameter, the TruPrint 2000 provides a high-quality printing result which impresses with its surface quality and level of detail. It offers a build volume (cylinder) of 200 mm in diameter and a height of 200 mm. The fullfield multilaser with two 300-watt fiber lasers from TRUMPF – which scan the entire build area – delivers top productivity. Melt Pool Monitoring and comprehensive process monitoring ensure the highest quality standards. The production process with the TruPrint 2000 is a closed powder circuit under shielding gas. This allows for easy and practical handling, with the highest operator safety.

TruMark Family

Overview of all TRUMPF TruMark marking lasers

Depending on the material and required cycle time one of TruMark family of lasers will be used to provide the best possible marking result. The TruMark family comes with all of the standard wave lengths (IR/GR/UV) and various power levels. This makes them an all-around solution among TRUMPF marking lasers covering a wide variety of applications from ablation to engraving, annealing to Black Marking, forming to color change and much more.  Its combination of optimum beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability ensures outstanding marking results.

  • TruMark OneBox lasers (1110 / 5010)
  • TruMark 3000 series
  • TruMark 5000 series
  • TruMark 6030
  • TruMicro Mark 2000 series

TruMark Station 1000

TruMark Station 1000, Spielend einfach markieren

Marking with the TruMark Station 1000 is fast, easy, and flexible. When it comes to non-automated and non-motorized systems, the TruMark Station 1000 marking is performed with low material throughput. With a work area that is accessible from three sides, the lightweight work station is ideal for use as a desktop work station and for mobile use. The marking field size is 110 mm x 110 mm. A safety-monitored laser protection door provides class 1 laser safety.

TruMark Station 3000

TruMark Station 3000 – simple and user-friendly

The TruMark Station 3000 combines simplicity and convenient operation in a marking system for processing medium lot sizes. An optional rotary axis offers flexibility for marking various components. With exterior dimensions of only around 24 in., the TruMark Station 3000 forms a compact marking cube, which provides a true desktop solution in combination with the TruMark 1110 or TruMark 5010 one-box lasers.

TruMark Station 5000

TruMark Station 5000 – flexible all-around solution for convenient marking

Due to its intelligent, ergonomic design, the compact TruMark Station 5000 can be used as both a standing and a seated workstation. We equip the machine with linear axes in the X and Y direction and rotary axes with various clamping systems, according to your requirements. The marking station offers the possibility of workpiece flow through transfer for integration in a flow line. The openings in the side of the housing offer excellent flexibility so that the TruMark Station 5000 can be expanded in line with your requirements. Its flexibility and its suitability for diverse application scenarios make the TruMark Station 5000 the true all-around solution of the TRUMPF marking systems.

TruMark Station 7000

INTECH 2020, TruLaser Station 7000

With its large interior dimensions, the TruMark Station 7000 marking system offers a great amount of space for almost any application. It is possible to mark single large components, components weighing up to 220 lbs with laser precision, or a large number of small parts for palletized production. An additional option for the TruMark Station 7000 is our rotary table system which assists with parallel-to-production loading and clearly boosts productivity. It is perfectly suited for heavy components and fixtures up to approx. 77 lbs per side. The entire work area has excellent accessibility and the outstanding ergonomics make it easy to work with.

TruDisk - Robot Lab

TruDisk lasers offer impressive welding, cutting, and surface processing of metals. With laser powers from 1 to 16 kW and beam qualities of ≥ 2 mm•mrad. The lab laser is a 6 kW version with BLW 100/400 µm dual core fiber and other standard single core fiber diameters ≥ 100 µm are available. The modular design of the disk laser offers you the utmost flexibility in every regard. At the same time, the TruDisk laser can also easily withstand harsh ambient conditions. The new generation of TruDisk lasers offer much more compact footprint, increased robustness, data quality systems and are perfectly prepared for future Industry 4.0 services such as condition monitoring.

Additionally our robot labs are equipped with Fanuc, ABB & Kuka robots, fixed optics, robotic cutting head and remote scanners including the I-PFO 3D scanner for welding on the fly.  Also have some of TRUMPF’s latest sensor technology such as CalibrationLine focus & power, VisionLine Detect, SeamLIne OCT and beta version weld depth monitor on a scanner.

TruDisk 3022 Prototype in a robot cell

TruDisk with green wavelength, ideal for copper and other highly reflective materials.  The prototype lab laser is 3 kW with beam quality of ≥ 6 mm•mrad, with expected release beginning of 2021.  The laser is available for process evaluations, business development cases, pre-qualifications for next generation customer parts and new application discoveries.  3 kW has shown ability to weld up to a stack of 100 sheets of 6 µm thick copper foils to 2 0.5mm thick bus bars and keyhole welding in thicker copper bus bars and hairpins.  As with the lower power green lasers spatter formation is minimized as much as possible and you benefit from maximum reproducibility in your process.  At TRUMPF you'll also benefit from a complete package based on our proven TruDisk disk laser technology, several laser light cable outputs, processing optics, and an intelligent sensor system.

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