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More Ergonomic, Easy-to-Use Shear from TRUMPF

Now available in North America, a flexible, high-performance, battery-powered hand tool from TRUMPF, the TruTool S250 LiHD 18V shear, is now even more ergonomic and easy to use.

FARMINGTON, Conn., August 2, 2023 – A powerful battery-powered shear from TRUMPF reliably cuts through 0.10-inch-thick mild steel and 0.06-inch-thick stainless steel and is now even more ergonomic and easy to use and is available in North America. The cordless TruTool S250 LiHD 18V shear is designed to facilitate work done by sheet metal workers, electricians, pipe fitters, heating/ventilation fitters, stamping workshop operators, coil industry workers, and container or elevator builders.

“More than two years ago, TRUMPF was the first company to supply a rechargeable battery-powered shear – the TruTool S250 LiHD 18V – that could reliably cut through 0.10-inch-thick mild steel and 0.06-inch-thick stainless steel,” says Grant Fergusson, national sales manager for power tools at TRUMPF Inc. “Thanks to some further developments, this flexible hand tool is now even more ergonomic and easy to use, even in energy-intense applications.”

TRUMPF engineers have reworked the geometries of the TruTool’s cutting table and blade. The blade is now a rhombus shape with a pointed wedge angle. This design, in conjunction with the high-quality materials, ensures users only have to apply very little force and can work for longer periods without getting tired. The new, battery-powered S250 LiHD’s ability to cut curves is also improved thanks to the specified optimizations that allow it to cut even small 0.79-inch radiuses easily.

A well-rounded gear head and reduced machine dimensions create another ergonomic advantage. The battery-powered shear is visually appealing and rests perfectly in the hand. The level of occupational safety is increased by an extended cutting table that, among other things, protects the user’s hand during operation. It also prevents any tilting, enabling a fast and reduced-power feed rate.

“Regardless of whether you are processing flat sheets, checker plates or wire mesh, the high-performance, battery-powered S250 LiHD shears separate these metals quickly and reliably with a cutting speed of nearly 23 feet per minute,” adds Fergusson. “The machine was designed in such a way so there is always a clear view of the work surface and cutting line which ensures a high level of precision.”

Fitted with an 18-volt LiHD rechargeable battery (4.0 Ah) from Cordless Alliance System, the new S250 has a long service life and long runtimes of more than 70 minutes when processing 0.10-inch-thick sheet metal. In addition to a high-quality battery system, a brushless motor and power head technology designed specifically for the low 18-volt tension, contribute to the tool’s longevity.

More information on the TruTool S250 LiHD 18V rechargeable battery-operated shears can be found at TruTool S 250 Li-ion | TRUMPF


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The new and improved battery-powered TruTool S 250 LiHD 18V shear from TRUMPF stands out for its improved ergonomic design and occupational safety.

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