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TRUMPF ignites mega-laser for anniversary: this technology makes it possible

A s night falls in the first week of August it is worth looking in the direction of Ditzingen, that is if it is not raining. A green light illuminates the sky above Headquarter and this is made possible by the TRUMPF laser, which is normally used by industry. With an output of three kilowatts, it is currently the most powerful laser with a green wavelength.

TRUMPF rejoices at its milestone of 100 years in 2023, and this celebrated the TRUMPF way - with the most powerful show laser as a green birthday candle.

TRUMPF is a pioneer in green light lasers. Even in the industry, there is no stronger laser with a green wavelength, i.e. visible green light. TRUMPF, however, manufactures even more powerful lasers, but without green wavelength. The most powerful laser produced by the high-tech company for use in industry has an output of 24 kilowatts. TRUMPF has even built a 60-kilowatt laboratory laser for the Federal Institute for Materials Research.

Lasers with green wavelengths from TRUMPF are especially in demand in industry when it comes to welding copper. The non-ferrous metal is one of the most important materials for the production of core components for e-mobility. That is why manufacturers of components for electric cars rely on this type of laser. With green laser radiation, copper welding seams can always be produced with consistently good quality. Using a laser with a green wavelength also produces far less scrap than other laser welding processes. Car manufacturers save raw materials and thus, contribute to a more sustainable production. 

The green wavelength laser is based on TRUMPF disk laser technology and therefore, belongs to the group of so-called solid-state lasers. To generate the green wavelength, there is a special crystal in the laser resonator. This converts the infrared laser radiation into the green wavelength.

For the event, engineers from TRUMPF, together with the show laser manufacturer "Lightline", converted an industrial high-power laser into an event laser.


TRUMPF colleagues from Schramberg have modified the green light laser so that it shines into the night sky. Normally, the green laser is used in industry primarily for welding copper.


From the Cube, the laser will shine into the sky above Ditzingen. It stands in front of the training centre in Ditzingen.

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