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Local Generator

The TruPlasma MF 7000 G2 generator is connected to the IoT Box with an Ethernet connection, thus providing an OPC UA interface.


The latest generation of the TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 G.2 is equipped with an OPC UA interface (industrial machine to machine communication protocol) and transfers data directly to the Factory Gate.

Local Generator Control

The TruControl Power software allows the setting of various parameters (for example Arc management) as well as the diagnosis of device and process behavior via a convenient graphical user interface.

Smart Glasses

TRUMPF Hüttinger employees can connect to the Smart glasses via videostream. The customer can be guided in real time in maintenance or repairs. Additional information can be shown in his field of vision.

IoT Box

This Box helps to make today's field devices IoT capable. It receives data and makes it available via OPC UA.

Axoom Dashboard

The customers Axoom Dashboard provides accurate real-time information about the generators. Different types of diagrams display trend parameters and long-term monitoring, thus providing transparency on machine status and maintenance recommendations.

Factory Gate

The Factory Gate reads the data from all connected devices via OPC UA, encrypts the data and sends it to the cloud.

Axoom Cloud

In the Axoom Cloud, the device data is stored and processed for evaluation.

Monitor 3: TRUMPF Hüttinger

TRUMPF Hüttinger's IoT Service System continuously monitors and analyzes the generator's data in the cloud. Due to early detection of maintenance requirements and errors, unscheduled downtime is reduced.

Monitor 2: TRUMPF Hüttinger

Live broadcast of the Smart glasses:

Experts from TRUMPF Hüttinger can support customers in maintenance, repair and optimization. 

Monitor 1: TRUMPF Hüttinger

Remote connection:

A secure remote connection allows technical support from TRUMPF Hüttinger experts to support any time.

Increased availability through IoT Services. We make you a generator expert: worldwide - anytime - within minutes