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Laser welding part design

A laser welding system allows you to manufacture for much less than with conventional welding, as long as you identify suitable parts and make these fit for laser welding. You can receive design and manufacturing-related tips and tricks from us.

Example: Optimized cover

The conventional cover for electronic components such as electrical cabinets must be sealed and free of distortion. This is the crux with conventional TIG welding, as it results in distortion which must be corrected. The design which is suitable for laser welding replaces multiple work steps: Both seam preparation and corrections are no longer necessary, as the lower heat input barely produces distortion.

1. Laser cutting

... including free corner cutting.

2. Bending

... ten bends.

3. Welding

Supplementary wire and the weld seam thickness compensate for bending tolerances.

4. Grinding/polishing

... as manual work.

5. Laser cutting

... three parts from one sheet.

6. Bending

... eight bends.

7. Laser welding

... with minimal distortion and high optical quality.

8. -30% in costs

... with the design suitable for laser welding

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