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Fight Against Corona: TRUMPF Retrofits Mini-Lasers for Ventilators

I n the fight against the lung disease Covid-19 high-tech company TRUMPF retrofits Laser diodes which usually come to play in industrial fields.

The mini-Lasers are so far being used to measure the amount of oxygen while refueling planes or in petrochemistry. There, they measure the air composition in order to prevent explosions. Now, they are supposed to be incorporated into oxygen sensors for ventilators. “As a high-tech company, we are now able to include our development and production expertise into this one-time project. Even though components for ventilators aren’t usually part of our business- Corona concerns all of us”, says Berthold Schmidt, CEO of TRUMPF Photonic Components. The Laser diodes shall be exported end of May to be fit into 3500 ventilators. In the course of the corona-crisis, they are additionally being manufactured by a US-American producer.

Laser Analyses Breathing Air

With the Laser diodes, the TRUMPF subsidiary Photonic Components provides the core of the oxygen sensors. The mini-Lasers are to analyze the breathing air of the patients. They emit light which absorbs the air more or less strongly - depending on the amount of oxygen it contains. “A measurement in the medical field has to be most reliable and precise. Therefore, our Laser diodes are well suited for this project.” says Schmidt. TRUMPF Photonic Components supplies the smart-phone and auto mobile industry as well as others. Worldwide the company employs around 280 people having its Headquarters in Ulm, Germany.

TRUMPF Photonic Components manufactures Laser diodes. Now they are also used in oxygen sensors for ventilators. (Source: TRUMPF)

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Quelle: TRUMPF