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Simply supernatural: Green mega-laser shines over Stuttgart and the region

A liens or landing UFOs? No, it is definitely the longest birthday candle that the high-tech company TRUMPF has lit up for its 100th birthday. From 9:30 p.m. to midnight on Thursday, the green mega-laser illuminated the whole area around Stuttgart.

In recent days, many residents in Stuttgart and its surroundings have been asking themselves one question: are these aliens? Or is a UFO landing in the capital of Baden-Württemberg? The test run of the laser, which TRUMPF shone on the occasion of its 100th birthday, already attracted attention throughout the region. On the evening of 3 August 2023, the time had finally arrived: at around 9:30 p.m., the green laser beam shone from the TRUMPF campus in Ditzingen about ten kilometers into the air. Thanks to the good weather conditions, the green mega-laser was visible up to 80 kilometers away. What better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a high tech laser manufacturer, than by lighting a birthday candle into the sky!

And even if the alien fans among us are perhaps a little disappointed that TRUMPF is behind the action with the green light - the pictures are definitely out of this world!

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