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TruMark 6030
TruMark 6030
Marking laser

TruMark 6030

Marking with even more reliability and performance

TruMark 6030 laser head
TruMark 6030 laser head
Marking laser

TruMark 6030

Make the most of the productivity and excellent beam quality provided by the next generation of marking lasers


Make the most of the advantages offered by the next generation of marking lasers

More speed, more precision, more flexibility – the demands placed on laser engraving, ablation, marking, and annealing are continuously growing. With the TruMark 6030 marking laser you will enter a whole new generation of marking while simultaneously opening up a new dimension with the new 3D functionality. The TruMark 6030 delivers high power and brilliant beam quality, both of which are essential for optimal results in any industry. Complemented by modern image processing solutions and high productivity, it increases your performance as well as marking quality.

25% shorter process times

Due to a high level of available average power as well as increased pulse repetition frequencies, you can work on workpieces with even greater productivity.

Utmost stability

Due to integrated power regulation you can mark with the exact power that you set for the process.

Plug in and go

Many interfaces, a removable connecting cable, as well as the 19-inch plug-in unit allow you to integrate the laser quickly into your production.

Robust and reliable

Modern production technologies and powerful optical components make the marking laser a high-end industrial device.

Open up a new dimension

The new TruTopsMark 3D marking software allows you to mark 3D components conveniently and with flexibility.

Easily scalable

Adjust the power for the respective process linearly, over the entire frequency range.

Suitable for Industry 4.0

Numerous sensors as well as an optional OPC/UA interface provide comprehensive process and laser data for downstream machining processes.

Performance Level e, TRUMPF solid state lasers
Performance Level e

With Performance Level e, the TruMark 6030 meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, while at the same time offering numerous possibilities for flexible and high-performance integration of the marking laser into the customer's processes. Performance Level e also allows the switch-on and switch-off times of the emergency stop safety circuit to be reduced.

Structuring a connecting rod

Structuring a connecting rod

During laser structuring, the TruMark 6030 alters the surface of the workpiece in a very precise manner. For example, this enables the tribological characteristics of functional surfaces to be improved precisely. This process is implemented in the manufacture of automotive components, for example.

Ablation of paint layers

Ablation of paint layers

With the TruMark 6030 you can easily ablate layers of paint. With short, powerful laser pulses, the irradiance becomes so high that it causes the top layer to melt and evaporate or break down.

Marking of everyday objects

Marking of everyday objects

Be it the showerhead in the bathroom or the saucepan in the kitchen – the TruMark 6030 ensures reliable and permanent marking. After all, clearly visible, high-contrast markings give products a sustainable value.

TruMark 6030
Laser parameters  
Beam quality (M²) < 1.3
Wavelength 1030 nm
Pulse repetition frequency 40 kHz - 200 kHz
Minimum focal diameter 50 μm
Max. marking volume 180 mm x 180 mm x 100 mm
Maximum text field size 180 mm x 180 mm
Structural design  
Dimensions of laser head (W x H x D) 156 mm x 214 mm x 435 mm
Dimensions of supply unit (W x H x D) 446 mm x 222 mm x 495 mm
Ambient temperature 15 °C - 40/45 °C

TruTops Mark

The TruTops Mark marking software makes marking with the TruMark lasers as easy as possible. The TruTops Mark program combines the marking software, CAD editor, management of laser parameters and interfaces, sequence programming with QuickFlow, and a diagnostics tool. An intuitive interface puts all the functions at your fingertips. You can easily draw and arrange graphic objects with the CAD editor. The database for laser parameters enables you to re-use optimized parameters many times over. You can use the QuickFlow sequence programming to create "drag and drop" programs that control the complete marking cycle from beginning to end. The diagnostics tool visualizes and analyzes the analog measured values recorded by its sensors.

Larger marking volume

Expand your available marking volume to 180x180x100 m³, for increased flexibility when it comes to component size.

Longer connection cables

Extend the lengths of the connecting cables between the supply unit and the processing head from 4 to 6 m.

Extended temperature range

Work at ambient temperatures of up to 45°C with the processing head of the TruMark 6030.

Various fieldbus systems

A number of fieldbus systems such as Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, and EthernetIP will assist you with the integration.


With our NAVIGATOR software module, even operators without prior experience can quickly find the right laser settings for different raw materials.

Supply unit with IP 54 protection

For higher requirements in terms of spray and dust protection according to IP 54, a housing is available with integrated 19-inch supply unit and control computer.

Operating package

The operating package consists of a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse to operate the marking laser.

External exhaust system

With the optional emissions exhaust system (which is also available externally), you can always work safely with the TruMark 6030.

Marking on the fly

You can also mark moving parts with the laser in a highly productive and reliable manner.

Remote Services

In the event of an error, TRUMPF service experts will remotely access your laser via a secure remote connection. In many cases the fault can be remedied directly in this way, or the configuration of the laser can be modified in a way that permits you to continue manufacturing until the spare part arrives.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

  • Other optics configurations are available on request.

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