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EasyModel AI

Variable environmental conditions such as contamination on the fixture, reflections from the component or changing lighting situations make feature recognition more difficult for positioning of the laser beam. The solution: Artificial Intelligence. EasyModel AI is a cloud-based AI training platform that allows you to easily label data – even without programming skills. Just a small amount of training data is enough for powerful AI models. These can be used with the AI Filter option for VisionLine Detect. Experience the difference and benefit from the EasyModel AI combined with TRUMPF image processing.

More independence from external influences with EasyModel AI

With the combination of EasyModel AI and the AI filter option for TRUMPF VisionLine Detect image processing, you can meet the high demands of series production in terms of quality and cycle time. This makes your production processes even more efficient and more robust with regard to external factors! EasyModel AI improves feature detection and recognizes external interference factors such as shadows, contamination or reflections.


Thanks to the interplay of EasyModel AI and the AI filter option in VisionLine Detect, you can manufacture with much less dependence on component quality and changing lighting situations.


Measurement processes are always traceable thanks to standard algorithms. This way, you keep full control over your data.


Thanks to EasyModel AI, you can even cope with challenging lighting or component situations such as burrs, scratches or dirt.


Thanks to the highest detection rates, you can maximize the productivity of your production.


The AI model can be adapted to any use case – even simple retraining is possible.


Just a small number of labeled training images is enough for high-performance AI models.

Use EasyModel AI to optimize your production processes

In a multi-stage process, you generate training images, transfer them to the cloud and create a new project under EasyModel AI. Based on this data, an AI model is trained as you mark relevant component areas in images and export the model. This model is used in the  VisionLine Detect image processing  production system after it has been evaluated and implemented in production. Now nothing  stands in the way of the model design and the AI filter option!

These typical applications benefit from AI

viewport test images /w Retina support

Welding of control units

Thanks to EasyModel AI, you can also master the challenges of welding control units more efficiently and flexibly than ever before. 

Hairpin welding

An internal benchmark study has shown that the first-time pass rate for several thousand pin welds can be increased to 99.8% by using the AI filter.

Sensor System – VisionLine Detect

TRUMPF VisionLine image processing prevents errors in components. Camera-based image processing always maintains an overview in cutting and welding applications. VisionLine automatically detects the position of the components and transmits this information to the control. The 3D information created via sensor can be used to position and check the part characteristics, such as the height difference of two components.

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