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Produce your part

We support you from the initial production of a sample part in our application laboratory, through to prototype production and production on your own machine. Find out about the benefits of monitoring systems and how they can be used, and about quality assurance steps options to ensure material properties in additive manufacturing. Ensuring correct post-processing of your component is also important, beginning with the appropriate heat treatment, the removal of the support structure and ending with the surface treatment.

  • Operating the machine
  • Monitoring and data analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Heat treatment and post-processing

Customer example for additive manufacturing series production

Additive manufacturing has not only reduced production costs but also significantly simplified assembly.

Motor cooling element for TRUMPF cutting unit 

  • 400 units per year produced from 316L stainless steel on a TruPrint 3000
  • Post-processing: Milling threads for inlets and outlets
  • 40% reduction in manufacturing costs compared to conventional production
  • Quality testing in series production on accompanying samples gives a relative density of 99.8% and a tensile strength of 700 MPa
  • Simplified assembly due to integrated flexure joint
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