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Reliable marking of medical devices, around the clock

If customers are experiencing a problem in their production, ZELTWANGER develops the optimum solution. The technology and innovation giant in the mechanical engineering, automation and leak testing sectors has its own in-house development team for this purpose. They were needed when various medical technology customers were looking for a simple and reliable solution for automating their marking process. The ZELTWANGER team developed the automated X-LOAD cobot system platform. This platform makes it possible to mark medical technology products around the clock in automated processes. Zeltwanger ensures that components are always positioned in the same way, TRUMPF laser technology is responsible for the legible marking of devices, instruments and others.


The ZELTWANGER Group serves two business segments: they manufacture mechanical, milling and rotary parts in Tübingen, and develop customized solutions for production processes in the area of Industrial Solutions. The emphasis is on leak testing as well as automation solutions and laser technology for applications in mobility and medical technology. The ZELTWANGER Group is motivated by affinity for technology, because when employees enjoy what they do, the best results are achieved.

Automation, leak testing, laser technology and job order production
Number of employees
Tübingen (Germany)
TRUMPF products
  • TruMark Station 3000
  • TruMark 6030
  • Laser marking


The medical technology sector is undergoing major changes. Companies in this sector must automate processes in order to be ready for the future. But this presents considerable challenges, because the lot sizes in this industry vary greatly. This makes automation difficult and expensive. In addition, the solutions must be absolutely reliable and every employee must be able to use them.



ZELTWANGER developed the automation platform X-LOAD cobot to face these challenges head-on. Customers can use it to subsequently automate manual workstations, saving investment costs. Even the smallest lot sizes can be implemented with it. Operation is made easy with a simple user interface, even for operators without prior experience. Production is easier and more efficient with the X-LOAD cobot. For example, removal of NOK parts is possible thanks to a marking check. This ensures 100% good parts in the subsequent production process. Dr. Rüdiger Brockmann, Managing Director of the ZELTWANGER Group and responsible for the Technology and Sales departments, states, "With their laser systems and products, TRUMPF provided precisely the characteristics that we needed to develop the X-LOAD cobot. This included the ease of operation and absolute reliability of their laser marking systems, as well as the company's excellent global service network. We have customers all over the world, so of course we needed a partner who was operational worldwide."

TRUMPF leads in reliability and digitalization in laser technology. That is exactly what we strive to offer our customers.

Dr. Rüdiger Brockmann
Managing Director of Technology and Sales


ZELTWANGER was looking for someone familiar with welding and marking processes for the implementation of the X-LOAD cobot – and found it at TRUMPF. Matthias Neumann from the Laser Robotic Applications department states, "TRUMPF is a partner who develops processes with us and also provides support when the system is in the field. TRUMPF is also reliable in terms of service." The two companies visit new customers together. They view the onsite production situation, identify the processes and welding applications and find the best possible solution. They subsequently use customer feedback to continue developing existing system platforms.


Neumann believes that TRUMPF and ZELTWANGER have much in common. "Both companies live technology and are constantly looking for ways to improve and implement solutions for their customers," he says. Brockmann adds, "Our companies have the same philosophy. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to be leaders in technology and innovation. This is where we are on the same wavelength."

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TruMark Station 3000 – simple and user-friendly
TruMark Station 5000

The TruMark Station 5000 marking system is well-suited to laser marking of average and large lot sizes and components. It provides many options for simple operation and for a wide variety of workpieces. The comprehensive accessories enable you to configure the TruMark Station 5000 perfectly for your tasks.

TruMark 6030 with supply unit
TruMark 6030

Experience the next generation in marking lasers with the TruMark 6030: get the best of modern and easy to integrate image processing solutions as well as a high level of productivity. High power and excellent beam quality guarantee that you will achieve brilliant laser markings – in any industry.