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TruDiode – the energy-efficient diode laser
TruDiode – the energy-efficient diode laser
Diode laser


The energy-efficient diode laser

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    Cost-efficient welding expert

    The extremely energy-efficient TruDiode diode lasers impress through optimal results and low operating costs. Whether for deep welding, heat conduction welding and laser metal deposition, soldering, or plastic welding: the lasers deliver excellent seam qualities with laser powers extending into the multi-kilowatt range. With its modular, space-saving design, you can integrate the TruDiode easily in your production systems. You can supply up to four work stations flexibly within the laser network.

    100% consistent power output

    Stable processes through integrated, active laser power control ensure reproducible results.

    up to > 40% efficiency

    The TruDiode saves resources thanks to its high degree of efficiency and intelligent energy management.

    Flexible in use

    The welding expert joins plastics or metals, both with and without auxiliary materials.

    Extremely compact

    With its direct diode principle, the TruDiode impresses with a footprint that is considerably less than 1m2.

    Always ready

    Long service life through passively cooled diode modules

    Energy-efficient structure of the TruDiode optics
    Economic miracle

    TruDiode lasers contain virtually no consumables. The intelligent cooling concept with integrated heat exchanger means that there is often no need for an external laser cooler. You can also cool optics and optical laser cables with the cooling water of the diodes. Together with the high energy efficiency of the TruDiode lasers, this leads to very low investment and operating costs.

    Optical arrangement of the TruDiode
    Modular construction

    The modular and space-saving design enables quick and simple integration of the TruDiode laser in your production system. It is also easy to subsequently upgrade your TruDiode. This enables you to adapt the laser power or the number of outputs in the field if your requirements change.

    Laser-soldered component
    Multiple options for the material

    The TruDiode diode lasers are well-suited for processing metals and plastics. Thanks to the high beam quality and output powers from 150 to 6,000 W, you can count on perfect welding and soldering results.

    Plastic welding with TruDiode

    Plastic welding with TruDiode

    The TruDiode diode lasers enable non-contact welding of thermoplastics by means of transmission welding. Here they achieve connections that are extremely strong, dense and aesthetic. The transmission welding process enables virtually any welding geometry in the overlapping joint. The precise energy input results in only a minimal thermal and mechanical load.

    Heat conduction-welded gastronomy containers

    Heat conduction-welded gastronomy containers

    In heat conduction welding, the TruDiode joins the mating parts along the seam point. The molten masses flow into one another and set to form a welding seam. This is smooth and rounded, and so does not require any reworking. The procedure is used to join thin-walled parts, for example for corner seams on visible edges.

    Bending tool hardened with TruDiode

    Laser-hardened bending tool

    The TruDiode is ideal for the laser hardening process. Thanks to the low heat input, the distortion of the component remains low, which reduces the need for reworking or eradicates this entirely. The laser also enables the processing of irregular, three-dimensional workpieces.

    Laser metal deposition with the TruDiode

    Screw conveyor created using laser metal deposition

    In laser metal deposition (LMD), the laser generates a weld pool on the component surface. Metal powder is automatically introduced through a nozzle. Beads form that are welded to one another, which then form structures on existing base bodies or entire components. Here, a screw conveyor has been applied layer by layer to a tube using LMD. In comparison to other generative processes, LMD has high build-up rates and therefore a high process speed.

    Laser-soldered component


    Soldering with the laser produces an optimal join between the mating parts with the solder. The lower melting temperature of the filler material in comparison with the component material means that only the solder melts when the laser is used for processing. The solder flows into the joint gap and bonds with the surface of the workpiece (diffusion bonding).

    Laser parameters                  
    Laser power at the workpiece 150 W 300 W 600 W 900 W 2000 W 3000 W 4000 W 5000 W 6000 W
    Typ. power constancy at rated power ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 %
    Continuously adjustable power range 3 W - 150 W 6 W - 300 W 12 W - 600 W 18 W - 900 W 40 W - 2000 W 60 W - 3000 W 80 W - 4000 W 100 W - 5000 W 120 W - 6000 W
    Strahlqualität 8 mm▪mrad 8 mm▪mrad 16 mm▪mrad 16 mm▪mrad 30 mm▪mrad 30 / 50 mm▪mrad 30 / 50 mm▪mrad 50 mm▪mrad 50 mm▪mrad
    Numerische Apertur 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.2 0.1 / 0.2 0.1 / 0.2 0.2 0.2
    Wavelength 920 nm - 970 nm 920 nm - 1050 nm 920 nm - 1050 nm 920 nm - 1050 nm 920 nm - 1040 nm 920 nm - 1040 nm 920 nm - 1040 nm 920 nm - 1040 nm 920 nm - 1040 nm
    Min. laser light cable diameter 150 μm 150 μm 300 μm 300 μm 600 μm 600 μm 600 μm 600 μm 600 μm
    Structural design                  
    Dimensions (W x H x D) - - 1036 mm x 1250 mm x 709 mm 1036 mm x 1250 mm x 709 mm 870 mm x 1325 mm x 750 mm 870 mm x 1325 mm x 750 mm 870 mm x 1325 mm x 750 mm 870 mm x 1325 mm x 750 mm 870 mm x 1325 mm x 750 mm
    Dimensions, 19" version (W x H x D) 483 mm x 495 mm x 513 mm 483 mm x 495 mm x 513 mm - - - - - - -
    Max. number of laser light cables 2 2 4 4 2 2 2 2 2
    Protection class - - IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
    Ambient temperature 5 °C - 40 °C 5 °C - 40 °C 5 °C - 45 °C 5 °C - 45 °C 10 °C - 50 °C 10 °C - 50 °C 10 °C - 50 °C 10 °C - 50 °C 10 °C - 50 °C
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    With TRUMPF you have the option to flexibly adapt your solid-state laser to your installation and operating situation. This applies, for example, to all beam guidance components and the control. You also have several options for the cooling water supply. Interfaces for different optics are provided right from the start. To save costs, your beam source can also supply several work stations at the same time. The TRUMPF Remote Service helps you to ensure your systems remain available, anywhere and at any time.

    Active power regulation of the TRUMPF solid-state lasers
    Active laser power control

    Regardless of the age of the laser device or the ambient conditions, the laser power is maintained at a specified value (with a typical deviation of ±1%). This ensures that the process results are reproduced across the entire service life of the laser.

    Fixed optics that can be combined with the TruDiode
    Cooling processing optics/optical laser cables

    Processing optics and optical laser cables can be cooled easily and conveniently using the laser cooling water. Separate cooling is therefore not necessary.

    TRUMPF Remote Services
    Remote Services

    In the event of malfunctions, TRUMPF service experts will remotely access your laser via a secure remote connection. In many cases the fault can be remedied directly in this way, or the configuration of the laser can be modified in a way that enables you to continue manufacturing until the spare part arrives. This enables maximum availability for you.

    Variety of interfaces for the TRUMPF solid-state lasers
    Interface variety – for simple integration

    Interfaces are key for the integration of a TruDiode laser in your machine or production line. The solid-state lasers from TRUMPF offer interfaces to all common fieldbus systems. Also available: real-time interface, parallel digital I/O, interface for process sensor systems, OPC UA software interface, analogue input card, interface for intelligent TRUMPF optics, e.g. CFO or PFO.

    The TruFiber features an interface for connecting TRUMPF processing optics, such as the PFO 20.
    Intelligent down to the workpiece

    The TruDiode has interfaces to control intelligent TRUMPF optics, such as monitored CFO focusing optics or PFO scanner optics. You can program the processing optics easily via the laser control system, and there is no need for an additional PC or control. Recorded data and associated limit values incl. warnings and error messages can be visualised in the TruControl laser control system.

    Optical arrangement of the TruDiode
    Flexible beam guidance

    There are many different options for the beam guidance that will enable you to plan flexibly with your laser. The beam guidance is integrated into the compact housing. The plug & play optical laser cables can be easily connected to different work stations. You can choose the number of fibre outlets up to a total of two or four. The modular design means that the laser power and the number of outlets can be changed retrospectively in the field at any time.

    TRUMPF laser network
    TRUMPF laser network

    With the laser network, you can connect one or more TruDiode lasers with up to two or four work stations in each case. In the process, your laser either splits its power to multiple stations, or it supplies them alternately with full power. This increases the capacity utilisation for the laser, reduces the part costs, and even enables you to combine different applications.

    TruControl control


    TruControl is the control software for your TRUMPF solid-state laser – for quick and simple operation. You can program pulse shapes individually to match your application. The laser power is controlled in real time to ensure maximum reproducibility of your process results. In order to retrace important quality data of your produced parts even years later, the optional DataStore software module records all data relevant to quality. If external control systems are present, TruControl will communicate with them via all standard interfaces. Inputs are made via the touchscreen of the operating panel or via a panel PC. You can integrate your laser into the network via Ethernet and connect multiple PCs.

    Thanks to the TRUMPF sensor system, your production will always be both effective and cost-effective. The sensor products VisionLine, CalibrationLine or integrated pyrometers ensure stable processes by monitoring all the procedures in laser production, thus making a key contribution to your process reliability. Processing continues uninterrupted during the measurement – no interruptions are required, saving you valuable production time.

    Image processing

    TRUMPF VisionLine image processing detects features on the components and ensures that welding is always performed in the correct location.

    Image processing, VisionLine Basic
    VisionLine Basic

    A digital camera image with cross-hairs in the laser focus helps with monitoring the workpiece and during teaching.

    Calibration tool

    The TRUMPF CalibrationLine tool checks and corrects the focal position and laser power on the workpiece at regular, individually definable intervals.

    CalibrationLine Focus checks whether the focal position on the workpiece still matches the requirements.
    CalibrationLine Focus

    Regular checking of focal position

    Temperature control

    The TRUMPF temperature control ensures high-quality visual results for plastic welding.

    Temperature control

    The temperature control registers the intensity of the thermal radiation.

    Melt travel monitor

    The TRUMPF melt travel monitor monitors the lowering of the component during the laser transmission welding of plastics.

    Fügewegüberwachung, TRUMPF Sensorik
    Melt travel monitor

    Automatic switch-off of laser after a certain amount of material melting

    Lasers and laser systems – with us, the perfect pair. All beam sources are optimally attuned to the requirements of the TRUMPF laser systems. You can choose between numerous variants and options, resulting in a system that is precisely tailored to your task. It is, of course, also possible to integrate our lasers directly into your production lines.

    TruLaser Cell 3000, unique and universal
    TruLaser Cell 3000

    Unique and universal

    TruLaser Station 5005, the easy way to start with laser welding
    TruLaser Station 5005

    The easy way to start with laser welding

    TRUMPF offers you all the components you need for beam guidance from the laser to the workpiece. This also applies for various focusing optics which have proven themselves to be precise and reliable over many years of industrial use. The optics can be easily integrated – both in stand-alone processing stations as well as in complete production lines. The TRUMPF processing optics are perfectly tailored to the TRUMPF lasers and are available for all wavelengths.

    Focusing optics

    Whether for welding, cutting, ablating, heating up or drilling: with robust focusing optics from TRUMPF you can attain high-quality process results.

    BEO D35 focusing optics for welding with solid-state lasers
    BEO D35

    Very versatile – welding, cutting and drilling

    BEO D70 focusing optics with observation camera, crossjet and aerator nozzle
    BEO D70

    Large working distances with small focal diameters

    Controlled focusing optics CFO

    Intelligence for your welding process – CFO processing optics for solid-state lasers

    Programmable focusing optics

    The ideal optics for remote processing

    Programmable focusing optics PFO 1D
    PFO 1D

    The PFO 1D can be individually adjusted and provides outstanding welding seam quality during wobbling.

    Programmable focusing optics PFO 20
    PFO 20

    Welding and drilling with the programmable focusing optics PFO

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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