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TRUMPF Hüttinger Microwave

Innovative solutions for microwave applications
Particle accelerator

One important application is transistor-based solid-state power amplifiers which are increasingly replacing electron tubes in particle accelerators for research, medical and industrial applications.

Plasma and industrial heating

We offer microwave generators for industrial heating and coating processes. Solutions with power measuring several kilowatts, based on chip technology, can be applied.


In the area of communications, we develop Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications and manufacture using state-of-the-art technologies and components, such as chip on board, GaN as heatspreader, LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics) as well as thick-film and thin-film ceramics.

Radar and space

X-band and S-band amplifiers are developed for space applications, for Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites, for example. Our clean room facilities enable the production of highly developed microwave and radar technologies of outstanding quality.

Our core business

Our microwave products are constructed using semiconductor-based chip technology and provide our customers in the science and industrial sectors innovative and upgraded solutions for microwave applications. The core business is made up of software-controlled microwave generators and amplifiers which are used as customer-optimized products in the area of high frequency communications, for heating processes and state-of-the-art science, such as particle accelerators, among other things.

Our vision

TRUMPF Hüttinger took over the microwave technology company HBH Microwave in January 2020. TRUMPF Hüttinger extended its technology portfolio to include semiconductor-based solid-state microwave generators with this acquisition. Particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry is another important market the company is keeping its eye on. Furthermore, TRUMPF Hüttinger can develop its business in the particle accelerator market with this addition.

The most frequent application areas for particle accelerators can be found in fundamental research, medicine and future industry. Radiotherapy and particle radiation therapy are some of the medical applications used for treating cancer. Our customer-specific developments and series products are used in this area as well. Based on our modular concept, individual components such as amplifiers, power supply systems or even control units can be easily and quickly replaced. Targeted component redundancy prevents an uncontrolled system failure or power and beam loss in the particle accelerator.

Our portfolio

Particle accelerator

  • Semiconductor-based high-power amplifiers in a wide frequency range
  • Up to several hundred kilowatts in power
  • Software-controlled, turnkey systems
  • High reliability and availability
  • For fundamental research, medical and industrial applications

Plasma and industrial heating

  • Solid-state power generators with 915 MHz & 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
  • 1 kW modules for industrial heating and plasma generation
  • Module combinations with up to several ten thousand kW
  • Software control for maximum process stability
  • Amplifier systems for particle accelerators in a wide frequency range
  • High temperature service life RF test system (HTOL), 0.4 - 6 GHz, 8W


  • Video transmission for rail applications
  • Highly integrated radio front end, chip on board
  • Frequency hopping filter for software defined
  • Radio (SDR)

Radar and space

  • Modules for SAR in satellites, 20 years in space
  • Modules for surveillance radar
  • Air traffic control for wind farms
  • Radar signature generator, up to 36 GHz
  • Modules for RCS measuring systems, up to 40 GHz

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