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Power by the Hour

Higher power when you need it

Higher Laser Power at a Lower Fixed Cost for Flexible Laser Usage

With Power by the Hour, you can independently choose when you need to use more laser power. By enrolling in the Power by the Hour program, you recieve higher laser power at a lower investment. The program provides the ability to switch laser power during production, without needing to call TRUMPF. With this added flexibility, you are able to expand the range of materials and material thicknesses you can cut on your laser, boosting overall productivity with higher throughput on demand and greater material capacity when you need it. When cutting at a higher laser power, you will only be invoiced for what you use.




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Higher Laser Power at a Lower Investment

With Power by the Hour, you are not limited to a single laser power. Additional laser capacity is only a few clicks away, so you can take advantage of higher power whenever you need it. 

Independently Choose Your Power Level

No TRUMPF Service assistance is needed to switch laser power levels. Simply open the Laser Power Configuration tab, select your desired power level, reboot, and start cutting! 

Tracks and Records Daily Usage

TRUMPF automatically tracks and records daily usage. Receive reports providing a usage summary, showing minutes used per day by wattage. 

Only Pay for What You Use

Invoices sent on a monthly basis based on higher laser power usage. If higher laser power is not used, no invoice is sent that month. 

Exclusively for TruLaser Series 1000 and 3000 Machines

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