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Here you can learn all about the TruBend 2100 and place your order directly with TRUMPF online.

The TruBend 2100 is the new CNC Press Brake from TRUMPF geared towards fabricators that need precision bending at a low cost of entry.  With 10' of bending length capacity and 110 US tons of pressing force, the TruBend 2100 includes all of the build quality, precision and ease-of-use that you would expect from a TRUMPF press brake at the price of a much more basic machine. And because it’s a TruBend, it’s backed by the same comprehensive 1-year warranty and 24/7 technical support as every other TRUMPF machine tool. In order to deliver you TRUMPF quality without the overhead we have removed everything non-essential from the TruBend 2100, including the salesman! Continue exploring our site below to learn all about the TruBend 2100, download a quotation for the machine, review installation requirements, and place your order directly with us online.

These videos will take you through the TruBend 2100 from top to bottom

TruBend 2100 Introduction

TruBend 2100 Main Features

TruBend 2100 Mechanical

TruBend 2100 Switch Cabinet

TruBend 2100 Control

TruBend 2100 Setup and Operation


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Here you can find all information related to the handling and installation of the TruBend 2100. 

The TruBend 2100 includes a standard set of high quality segmented bending tools by TRUMPF. Our LaserDur tooling is twice precision-ground to ensure that the accuracy of your bending tools matches the precision of your CNC press brake, and due to our proprietary laser-hardening process you get exceptional wear-resistance and exceptional safety for the machine operator. 

Included with your machine purchase, you will receive these tool sets, suitable for bending materials up to 1/8" thick:

1 Set Upper Tool "OW201/K", Height 4.7" / 120mm, Tip Radius 0.040" / 1mm, Total Set Length: 120" / 3050mm

1 Set Lower Tool "EVW10/84", Height 3.93" / 100mm, V-Opening 0.393" / 10mm, Total Set Length: 120" / 3050

1 Set Lower Tool "EVW20/84", Height 3.93" / 100mm, V-Opening 0.787" / 20mm, Total Set Length: 120" / 3050mm


At TRUMPF we are sure that you will appreciate the speed, precision and ease-of-use of your new TruBend 2100 press brake. In fact, we are confident that this product will exceed your expectations. If for any reason, or no reason, you are not satisfied with the performance of your TruBend 2100, notify us within 90 days from the date it was delivered to your location and we will take it back. TRUMPF will send a truck to collect the machine, no questions asked.

  • TRUMPF will pay for the freight and rigging charges to remove the TruBend 2100 from your location.
  • Your 10% downpayment will not be refunded.

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