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Catharina Daum

Service engineers on a smart mission

E xperts agree that the human-machine interface is a key aspect of Industry 4.0. By focusing on that facet of the production process, smart wearables offer real potential to enhance collaboration between humans and machines. James Rogowski, vice president of technical services at TRUMPF USA, explains how smart glasses are revolutionizing day-to-day work for employees and customers alike.

Why are you making the move to smart glasses?

TRUMPF wants to be close to its customers. That’s why we’re using this wearable technology, because it provides a virtual means of getting a highly qualified service engineer on site, right there on the customer’s factory floor. Smart glasses help us, to help our customers faster and are more practical in an industrial environment. Customers or technicians can perform various tasks hands-free with the guidance of in-house experts. I think wearable technology will be one of the most important technical support tools in the future.

How do smart glasses make life easier for your customers?

Our service engineers use smart glasses to carry out repairs every day. We call those use cases “smart missions”. Thanks to the visual information that we receive from the glasses, we’re able to solve more cases without sending a service engineer on site, thusly reducing the downtime of our customer’s machines. Our in house technicians can see and hear everything in the same way as if we were at the customer’s facility. This way we can notice relevant details that may be missed when a customer describes the situation.

How would you sum up the results of your smart missions so far?

We haven’t calculated exactly how much time we’re saving yet. We’re in the process of gathering that data and obviously getting feedback from our customers. But there’s no doubt we’re repairing machines much more quickly and accurately with this new wearable technology! TRUMPF Service is dedicated to developing new use cases and applications in the future for our customers and service engineers to offer the highest service quality.

James Rogowski

James Rogowski, vice president of technical services at TRUMPF USA, sends his employees on a smart mission. (Picture: TRUMPF)

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