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An inverter forms the heart of your network integration. Configurable as a network, isolated or micro grid connection, the TruConvert Series from TRUMPF Hüttinger offers flexible solutions for many storage applications. The modular system is very customizable and scalable. This offers you a multitude of benefits – whether you are a system integrator or are working in the commercial or industrial sectors. The compact energy storage systems, which can be manufactured competitively, offer you very high power input with significantly reduced energy loss at the same time. TRUMPF Hüttinger combines all these advantages in just one single battery inverter type. With over 30 years of experience in developing high-quality power supply systems, we have developed a generation of inverters which combines all the requirements in the best possible way. The result: unbeatable flexibility with unbeatable coverage.

How does an inverter work?

Networked battery inverters facilitate the energy exchange with the supply network and can store excess energy from renewable sources via energy management systems (EMS) in order to release it again when needed. Inverters used as isolated and micro grid solutions set up their own network and can be integrated with solar systems as well as generators to form complete supply solutions.

Where are battery inverters used?

Battery inverters stabilize and optimize industrial networks. They are also used in combination with regenerative energy sources (solar, wind power, combined heat and power (CHP)). They are also found in charging systems for cars, fork lift trucks or golf carts as well as in off-grid and self-sufficient solutions, for example radio masts or ships.

Which storage solutions are used with inverters?

Battery inverters can be configured specific to the customer for storage solutions with lead batteries, redox flow, Li-ion or second life batteries.

A future-oriented system: Battery inverters combined with renewable energy sources and as a microgrid solution

Thanks to a variety of customized configurations, the battery storage system can always be adapted to the respective requirements. It is also possible to expand with additional energy sources or an e-charging station.

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TOP 5 advantages of TRUMPF inverters

Advantage 1: Virtually countless options for grid integration

Whether off grid, micro grid (droop control) or "virtual" impedance – our systems offer you an extremely high degree of flexibility for grid integration. For example, TruConvert AC 3025 is equipped with "virtual" impedance and simulates the inertia of a rotating synchronous machine. This facilitates operation as a power source, just like your local network.

Advantage 2: 0 – 75 V operation for all redox flow batteries

The TruConvert Series covers the entire battery voltage range from 0 – 75 V. This is why electrolyte formation is possible at 0 V. This renders an additional unit obsolete when forming a redox flow battery.

Advantage 3: A wide voltage range for all types of lithium-ion batteries

TRUMPF Hüttinger offers solutions for a wide voltage range, from 48 V to 900 V, either as a direct AC connection or DC-DC converter. This means that we give you a high level of freedom when designing the battery (number of cells).

Advantage 4: Long service life and a high degree of availability

Decreased loss increases efficiency and simultaneously reduces cooling costs. This lowers the expenditure for cooling and extends service life, as aging of the semiconductor components is significantly diminished. Furthermore, you benefit from very high system availability. The parallel connection of several components virtually keeps your system ready to use at all times.

RF generator for parallel oscillating circuits

Advantage 5: Low operating costs

The TRUMPF battery inverters facilitate "Totally Reduced Unplanned Downtime". This is made possible thanks to the industrial grade design as well as the worldwide service network of TRUMPF. You are ready for Industry 4.0 with Real Time Data Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics. All components can be connected with the cloud via a secure OPC UA. The fast communication protocol based on Ethernet allows for huge data streams in real time. Machine learning based on data and optimized maintenance intervals are also supported.

Discover our TruConvert battery inverters

The new bidirectional and modular inverter generation has been specially developed for the energy-efficient operation of redox flow and lithium-ion battery systems. It is the trendsetting concept for battery manufacturers, system integrators and users.

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An overview of the advantages for each battery category

Redox flow batteries

Redox flow batteries allow you a high level of freedom in designing the battery and do not require an additional unit. One great advantage is the compatibility or interoperability with several inverter technologies (third-party suppliers). Users can rely on a safe system in case of an event (short circuiting) and significantly reduce their service and repair costs, as the low voltage and high voltage sections are isolated, thereby restricting error spread.

Lithium-ion batteries

There is a great deal of freedom in the design of lithium-ion batteries, particularly with regard to the number of battery cells. It is possible to build different units from 25 kW to megawatts; only the product specification must be known. It is easy to expand them at a later date. All in all, you benefit from a significantly higher redundancy throughout the entire system.

Grid integration

You can use the same design in several regions of the world (low and medium voltage), thereby tapping into higher power range markets. Onsite storage is easy as you only have to order one model. You can set up your own network with the storage system and supply any type of load (assymmetrical, single-phase). Integration into the micro grid is uncomplicated - without additional communication or cables between the DERs (Distributed Energy Resources).

System integration

The high density and compact construction of the storage solutions from TRUMPF significantly ease the planning ability of the mechanical construction for you. The modular concept facilitates redundancy at lower costs: if one machine shuts down, the machines which are still running can compensate the load.

Discover our TruConvert battery inverters

The new bidirectional and modular inverter generation has been specially developed for the energy-efficient operation of redox flow and lithium-ion battery systems and is the trendsetting concept for battery manufacturers, system integrators and users.

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