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TruConvert DC Series 1000

Charging and discharging technology perfected

The battery converter for different voltage ranges

The bidirectional TruConvert DC Series 1000 DC-DC converters from TRUMPF Hüttinger are suitable for use with any battery, whether lithium-ion, second life, redox flow or lead-acid batteries. Their compact design in 19" standard housings and modular set-up in 8 kW to 30 kW steps make them the ideal solution for small and even large battery storage systems.

Broad voltage range

Applicable for the most varied of storage technologies thanks to battery voltages from 0 V to 700 V

Tailored solutions

Customized power adaptation to the respective application and storage capacity

High flexibility

thanks to its scalability from 8 kW to megawatts

Compact design

and high irradiance due to the modular system with a standardized design in the 19 inch format

Simple integration

to form a storage solution with other components such as PV systems or wind power plants

Reliability due to parallel circuits

If one unit in the network fails, the remaining units pick up the load.

Robust design

The DC-DC converters are designed to have a service life of at least 20 years.

Application with any battery.

The bidirectional TruConvert DC Series 1000 DC-DC converters from TRUMPF Hüttinger are suitable for use with any battery, whether lithium-ion, second life, redox flow or lead-acid batteries. Thanks to the modular structure and the common DC link, even different storage systems and different sources can be operated completely independently of each other.

Combined to one future-oriented system

Numerous customer-specific configurations mean that it is always possible to adapt the battery storage system to requirements. Due to the accessible DC link, the modules in 19" standard housings can be combined with PV or wind plants to create a future-oriented system – additional inverters between source and storage system are dispensed with. It is also possible to expand the battery storage system with additional energy sources or an e-charging station.

Redox flow batteries:

For redox flow applications, the modular DCDC converters from the TruConvert DC Series 1000 offer a wide voltage range of 0 – 70 V. The low voltage connection ensures that smaller stacks can also be operated. This simultaneously increases the roundtrip efficiency, as lower shunt flows occur. This reduced corrosion of the cells increases the service life of your battery.

Li-ion batteries:

Depending on the design and version, li-ion batteries can have very different voltages. The TruConvert battery inverter operates these through three DC voltage ranges:

0 – 70 V

0 – 700 V

660 – 950 V (with direct connection with TruConvert AC 3025)

Zero volt capacitance

No additional charging device is needed during forming and exhaustive discharge.


The TruConvert DC1030 DC-DC converters (30 kW) are completely transformerless, providing a compact and cost-efficient solution.

Zero volt charge

Thanks to the zero volt charge of the TruConvert DC1008 and DC1010, no additional charging device is needed during forming and exhaustive discharge.

Galvanic isolation

TruConvert DC1008 (8 kW) and TruConvert DC1010 (10 kW) provide galvanic isolation with a RF transformer. The network and battery potentials remain galvanically isolated. This restricts the impact of an error on the entire system.

TruConvert System

The AC-DC inverters from the TruConvert DC Series 1000 in combination with the DC-DC converter and system control form a perfectly coordinated system from one source.

Trend-setting technologies in combination with robust industrial design guarantee a high degree of efficiency and a long service life across a broad power range, offering unlimited opportunities for integrators and battery manufacturers.

I 4.0-ready

The battery storage system can be controlled from anywhere in the world thanks to anticipatory communication in combination with integrated monitoring functions. This is facilitated by real time data monitoring, remote diagnostics and optimum operation. All components can be connected with your cloud via a secure OPC UA. The Ethernet-based communication protocol allows for large data streams in real time.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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