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Bicycle pedal

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The bicycle pedal is a perfect example of rethinking production and harnessing the possibilities of additive manufacturing. Along with the handles, bicycle pedals form the direct points of contact between a cyclist and their bike. It may come as no surprise that component stability plays a crucial role as a result. Pedals were originally made from aluminum or plastic for manufacturing reasons. However, this required a high amount of material to achieve the required stability, making pedals one of the heaviest components on a bike. The use of titanium, which can now be affordably yet accurately processed for the first time using metal 3D printing, offers the best of both worlds in terms of lightweight construction materials and stability for 1 mm wall thickness. Pedals 3D printed by TRUMPF weigh less than half of commercial aluminum pedals yet offer superior strength. No mechanical rework required thanks to integrated bearing seats.

No mechanical rework required thanks to integrated bearing seats

Left: Brake caliper for hydraulic mountain bike brakes

Center: Titanium mountain bike pedal body, barrel finish and anodized

Right: Aluminum bike pedal with bolted grip pins

No mechanical rework required

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: Ti6Al4V, Gr. 5

Build time: 43 h (for 50 parts)

Created by: TRUMPF

Printing bearing seats directly allows us to install an entire pedal in less than 2 minutes.

Christian Lengwenat

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TruPrint 3000, flexible solution for industrial 3D printing
TruPrint 3000

TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine (LMF / PBF / LPBF) with Industrial Part and Powder Management. This mean you benefit from even more flexibility, quality and productivity for your additive series production – now also with the full-field multilaser option with two 500 watt lasers from TRUMPF. Productivity is almost doubled, independent of the component geometry, and the part costs are significantly decreased.

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