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Clamp cover

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The clamp cover serves as a protective hood. It is manufactured and fitted on TRUMPF machines. There are different manufacturing options depending on the design and  construction. Conventionally, the cover is created from a bent part using either MAG welding with reworking or laser welding with FusionLine or BrightLine Scan. Alternatively, the component is designed for laser compatibility and laser-welded from three parts. After production, the clamp cover is powder-coated.

The cover can be laser-welded with FusionLine or BrightLine Scan without having to be redesigned for laser welding compatibility.

Function integration: Extrusions & threads are formed on the TruMatic 6000 fiber
High-precision bending operation on the TruBend machines thanks to ACB angle measurement technology
Manual post-processing is reduced to a minimum thanks to the TruLaser Weld and narrow weld seams
Component shows the wide range of production options

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: mild steel

Sheet thickness: 1.5 mm

The mild steel clamp cover can be designed and manufactured in different ways. The optimal method depends on the quality requirements and the quantity.

Evelyn Konrad
Welding Technology Product Manager, TRUMPF

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