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Diode cooler - additive part design

General industry TruPrint 1000 Stainless steel Series production

This diode cooler is part of a movable sensor unit in a TRUMPF laser cutting machine. The task of the assembly is to attach and cool a diode and electronics. It was redesigned as a series component for additive manufacturing: Functional integration of clamping elements to accommodate the diode and the bayonet connections for attaching hoses and for weight reduction, which leads to lower G-forces. Conformal cooling increases the service life of the diodes and electrical shielding is also integrated.

AM-suitable component design of the heat sink for the sensor module

The additive design ensures easier assembly

Conventional design: diode cooler with installed diode and hoses for cooling water

Conventional design: the milled component as raw part.

Easier assembly
Fewer components
Improved cooling
Integrated electrical shielding

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: stainless steel 316L

Weight: 40 g (conventionally 138 g)

Parts: 3 (conventionally 27)

Manufacturing costs: 10% lower costs through additive manufacturing

Created by: TRUMPF AM Consulting

With the help of additive manufacturing we can integrate several functions into one component and at the same time reduce the weight considerably. In addition, the assembly time has been reduced by 2 minutes.

Arne Steck
TRUMPF Laser and System Technology

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TruPrint 1000
TruPrint 1000

The TruPrint 1000 is the most productive machine in compact form and offers you the benefits of additive manufacturing. It has a build volume (cylinder) of 100 mm in diameter and a height of 100 mm. This can easily be reduced for precious metals. For the dental sector, it is the most productive 3D printer to date for the creation of dental prostheses. Your digital connection with milling stations is another highlight.

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