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Hard disk mount

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Although server cabinets with hard disk mounts are manufactured in series, there is wide variation. This requires flexible production. Server cabinets are used in communication technology,  measuring devices and IT hardware. Parts quality and precision are crucial for their proper assembly. A special forming tool is used to create the formed sections for the mount in just one work step, directly on the machine.

The hard disk mount is an example of time-saving formed sections in just one work step, directly on the machine.

Card Guide: Special tool for production of a hard disk mount
Additional axes in the laser cutting head ensure highly dynamic processing, especially for smaller contours
Bending of the tabs with MultiBend

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Facts & figures for an example part

Material: stainless steel

Sheet thickness: 1.2 mm

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Punch laser machines

TruMatic machines combine all the advantages of punch laser processing. Whether it is small lot sizes or large series: you will produce a wide range of parts and solve even the most demanding of tasks with the punch laser machines. 

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