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Mount for the Heinrich Hertz satellite

Aviation and aerospace TruPrint Aluminum Additive manufacturing

The mount for the Heinrich Hertz satellite was redesigned and topologically optimized to accommodate the loads and improve overall performance.  The results: a 55% reduction in weight, a 79% increase in rigidity and a 31% reduction in stresses.

Conventional design

AM design

Cost reduction
Lower weight
Design freedom with additive manufacturing

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Facts & figures about the example part

Conventional component

Material:  Aluminum

Weight: 168 g

Max. load: 8.9 MPa

Component optimized for 3D printing

Material: AlSi10Mg

Layer thickness: 30 µm

Weight: 72.9 g

Max. load: 6.15 MPa

Component from: Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG

AM optimized by: AMendate

The design of the component has been optimized to provide a second level for mounting additional equipment, taking into account the available space. This means that the load capacity can be used more flexibly.

Matthias Müller
TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

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