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“As an industry leader, TRUMPF's comprehensive development of its machines and software is crucial for Lasertek on its journey to becoming a smart factory.”  Felipe González (Co-managing Director of Lasertek) believes that if you want to become a reference company for the manufacture and assembly of metal parts, you have to surround yourself with the best. That is why TRUMPF is their trusted and reliable partner for machine systems, automation, software and smart factory solutions.


Lasertek was founded in 2002 by Miguel Ruiz and Manfred Spatz as a personal project with just three employees. The company, which specializes in the manufacture and assembly of metal parts made of stainless steel, aluminum or iron, has relied on TRUMPF systems and technologies from day one. Today the company has more than 70 employees and offers laser cutting of sheet metal and tubes, sheet metal bending, laser welding and marking services. It is characterized by its respectful approach to customer service and the ability to offer its customers high-quality finished parts in a short time.

Manufacturing and assembly of metal parts
Number of employees
Madrid (Spain)


Since its founding in 2002, Lasertek has always been committed to "a respectful business relationship with the customer, high quality of the manufactured parts and strict adherence to delivery times," explains Miguel Ruiz, partner and co-founder of Lasertek. Lasertek was always aware that these goals could only be achieved with the most complete and modern machinery on the market: the systems from TRUMPF. Gradually, the factory has been expanded to include laser cutting systems for sheet metal and pipes, bending machines and even laser marking and laser welding machines.

In 2017, space requirements and production control required Lasertek to make some changes and decisions to facilitate more control over the processes. After visiting TRUMPF's smart factory in Chicago, they found the answer to their needs. "We saw that there was a very quick and easy way to meet our identified needs and gain better control over our production processes, costs and space requirements," says Felipe González, Co-managing Director of Lasertek.

We want to be Spain's most modern and technologically advanced company in our sector.

Miguel Ruiz
Partner and co-founder of Lasertek


“In 2018, we conducted the first TruConnect consulting study, which mapped all of Lasertek's processes, from the engineering office to the factory,” explains González. With the introduction of TruTops Fab, the machines were automated for the first time, meaning they could improve control of the processes and connect machines and systems with each other.



"We installed two TruStores connected to two TruLaser 5030 machines to automatically process the sheets and place them on the cutting table," explains Miguel Ruiz. In the towers they have a total of 37 niches where raw material (31 niches) and cuttings (6 niches) are stored.  “A 'Part Master' has also been installed to unload the cut parts, making it easier for the operators to unload,” concludes Miguel Ruiz.  This has enabled better control of production, cost savings, shorter delivery times and higher quality, as well as an increase in production in a smaller area.


Lasertek wants to enjoy continuous growth, and it is clear that it will do so with the support of TRUMPF, its machines and its software. "Our goal is to bring Lasertek even closer to smart factory status and to become Spain's most flexible, modern, and technologically advanced company in our sector," says Felipe González with enthusiasm.

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