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TRUMPF lasers for lightweight designs for electromobility | TRUMPF
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Lightweight design in electromobility

Challenge: material range

More and more diverse materials are being used in lightweight design cars today. The industry is especially concerned with one question: how to connect – and separate – all these different materials? The laser is predestined for lightweight designs from different materials and for flexible production processes. Thanks to accurate and precise production, considerable savings can be made in terms of material and therefore also of weight during the manufacture of the automobile body – and without using additional tools.

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Future project: metal-plastic connections (MPC)

TRUMPF lightweight construction q-pro a

Metal and plastic connections are created by pressing or back injection molding a pre-structured metallic mating part with the plastic. The laser plays a decisive role in this process. It creates microstructures in the metallic mating part with undercuts which facilitate the plastic gripping into the metallic surface. The high intensity of the laser radiation causes some of the metal to evaporate. Due to the emerging sublimation pressure, the melt is pressed against the structure edge by the substrate where the melt solidifies. An undercut is formed by multiple repetition. A connection is achieved in the subsequent joining process with the plastic partner by gripping into the microstructure.

The actual joining process is performed by heating up the metal and melting the plastic via heat conduction. The plastic is pressed or injected into the microstructure and solidifies. TRUMPF is involved in publicly funded projects, such as ExraLight or Q-PRO, for the development of a quality-assured production process for multi-material lightweight technology which is compatible for large-scale production.

Laser surface technologies for pretreatment processes

Structuring surfaces with the TruMicro Series 7000

Why TRUMPF is your perfect partner

Experience as a laser pioneer

TRUMPF has the optimum laser source and corresponding expertise for the most varied of materials and hybrid connections. Our application engineers always develop the correct parameters for your concrete application in the TRUMPF Laser Applications Center.

Large-scale production solution

Cleaning, stripping and structuring – TRUMPF facilitates a comprehensive networked solution for all individual tasks, enabling seamless component traceability as well as a barrier-free development for the consolidated process chain.

Process advice and support from TRUMPF experts

Does every new beginning have to be difficult? Not with TRUMPF. The TRUMPF industry experts know how your start-up expenditures can be reduced: they are at your side with a thorough and customized process and application consulting service.

Manufacturing and documentation with process reliability

With its comprehensive system and software solutions, TRUMPF offers the opportunity of process-reliable production and seamless documentation of the production history. Our TruConnect product portfolio offers solutions for comprehensive interlinking and Condition Monitoring.

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