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Managing directors Manuel and Julian Jiménez of the Spanish job shop Lasercor took the first steps toward a Smart Factory with a consultation on networked production. And the TRUMPF experts discovered potential to bring about a real boost requiring only minimum effort. The company was then able to increase utilization of its TRUMPF laser cutting and bending machines by 15 percent.

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Lasercor supplies the automotive, aerospace, energy, agricultural and electronics industries with customized sheet metal products. In addition to laser tube cutting and engraving, the job shop now also offers laser welding. In the classic segments of laser cutting and bending, Lasercor competes in the top league with a machine utilization of 80 percent.

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Since its foundation in 2000, the Lasercor job shop has developed from a laser cutting and bending specialist to an all-rounder in sheet metal processing. The company has therefore built up an ultra-modern stock of machinery in recent years. Five TRUMPF laser systems and five TRUMPF bending machines are in operation in Lasercor's production. It had become evident that without updating their processes, it would not be possible in the long term to efficiently exploit the potential of fast systems. Lasercor therefore wanted to work intensively on optimizing their processes throughout the company.



Lasercor Managing Directors Manuel and Julian Jiménez opted for five days of TRUMPF Smart Factory consulting. A critical perspective from outside the company was particularly important to them. "And as the consultancy revealed, our first steps towards the Smart Factory did not actually require any major investment. Minor but highly effective additions to the existing system, a little process optimization here and there, and more efficient use of existing software were the key factors that helped us make significant progress", says Jiménez.

CEO of the Laserco company

With the help of minor improvements to the tool stations and laser processing machines, we have succeeded in eliminating paper from production and have saved a great deal of time.

Julian Jiménez
Managing Director of Lasercor


For all five bending stations, only one monitor had been available for the TruTops Fab production control software, which was then being shared by all employees. TRUMPF proposed that each of the bending machines be equipped with its own FAB monitor. This measure allowed operators to process orders directly at the machine with no paper nor waiting times. Operators can now also identify and trigger label printing for each job from TruTops Fab and apply the labels directly to the cut parts, thereby saving time. Previously these had been printed in the engineering office. Minor optimization of the shop floor management system has also proven to be effective. At Lasercor, machine data is being recorded and analyzed using TruTops Monitor. The key figures are then always on display to give transparency at all times. This has optimized planning and enabled rapid intervention in the event of a fault.

TruLaser Weld 5000 at Lasercor
TRUMPF bending tools in action
Exterior view of the Lasercor premises
Production hall at Lasercor
Personnel sorting parts
Close-up of laser head


Lasercor has recently expanded its material warehouse by 4,500 square meters and invested in additional machines. Jiménez: "Our goal is fully automated production. This can't be done overnight. A family-run business has the advantage of quickly introducing innovations. With the measures implemented so far, we have been able to increase the capacity utilization of our laser cutting systems and bending machines by a further 15 percent. This has inspired us to do more".

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From the initial idea through to implementation, TRUMPF accompanies you on your path to a Smart Factory. And we know that no two paths are ever the same. Our solutions are therefore as individual as you are. Together with our experts, you systematically plan the next steps in your connected sheet metal processing.

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TruTops Fab

TruTops Fab software ensures maximum transparency in production and enables you to easily control and manage your processes, from the customer order to dispatch. The link to the control system of your machine or laser system allows you to monitor the current state of production and the status of production orders