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Fixture design for laser welding

Fixtures guarantee quality and more reliable processes during laser welding. However, what even experienced practitioners often don't know is that fixtures can be cheaper and more flexible when they are produced from single sheet metal and tube parts. Additionally, you can reduce production tolerances during welding. When are you going to make work easier for yourself?

Example: Optimized fixture made of sheet metal for laser welding

A conventional fixture for laser welding is usually made from a solid milling block. Clamping fixtures made from sheet metal are economically superior to conventionally milled fixtures. This is because they lower manufacturing costs as well as weight. They also allow for additional functions to be integrated and increase heat dissipation.

1. Sawing

... the raw material of the rod to size.

2. Milling

... all reference surfaces and mounts as well as all through holes and threads.

3. Finishing

... by deburring and anodizing.

4. Laser cutting

... any desired geometries and holes.

5. Assembling

... and welding single parts.

6. -17% in costs

... with the sheet metal design.

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