Sheet metal part design

Lighter, cheaper, or more functional: How would you like your parts? When sheet metal parts have a well-thought-out design, this allows your machines for laser cutting, punching, or bending to reach their full potential – while saving on materials, costs, and effort.

Example: Optimized axis stop

The axis stop is conventionally produced out of a welded construction with a semi-finished product and milled parts. The many work steps are both time-consuming and cost-intensive. The new design made of two sheet parts reduces the number of parts and thus the joining processes and material usage.

1. Sawing

...all components to size.

2. Milling

... the contact surfaces, oblong holes and stepping.

3. Drilling

... all holes in the components.

4. Welding

... all four components.

5. Laser cutting

... allows for any desired geometries to be cut into sheet metal, and creates bores.

6. Tapping

... for more strength compared to cut threads.

7. Bending

... replaces welding and decreases the number of parts.

8. -46% in costs

... with the new design

Additional examples

The following training types are offered

Part consulting

Get the best out of your parts. Work with TRUMPF experts to establish how you can design your parts to be more economical.  Duration: 1 day
Speakers: 1
Participants: 1-6
Venue: by request
Dates: by request

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Technology day

Deepen your production expertise. Whether at your site or at TRUMPF: Learn the latest about manufacturing methods, receive an assessment about the status of your technology, and discover the potential for improvement. Duration: 1 day
Speakers: 1
Participants: 1-6
Venue: by request
Dates: by request

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Become the expert in your sector. TRUMPF seminars combine part consulting with technology days. You will gain knowledge about processes, production, and design. You will also perfect a sample part as part of a team Duration: 3 days
Speakers: 2
Participants: 1-12
Venue: Ditzingen
Dates: See training calendar

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Gain personalized practical knowledge. We look for potential within the parts range in your business. Working together, we will optimize and manufacture selected parts which you can directly implement into your designs and manufacture more cost-effectively. Duration: 2-3 days
Speakers: 2
Participants: 8-12
Venue: by request
Dates: by request

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