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Karrieregeschichte Amanda Reel

As the head of the welding team at TRUMPF in the United States, Amanda Reel is responsible for high-quality processing of machine parts and asserts herself courageously – for herself and for her team.

In her role as team leader of a welding team, Amanda Reel ensures productivity, on-time delivery and the consistent high quality of all weldments. If there are any problems in production, she looks for the causes and finds suitable measures such as further training for her employees. Amanda can empathize with her team members, having started as a welder herself and then working her way up. She is convinced: "There are no limits at TRUMPF. You can achieve anything here."

Career story: Amanda Reel

Courage in a man's world

About five years ago, Amanda Reel came directly to TRUMPF's US subsidiary in Farmington (Connecticut) after completing her vocational training. She was the company's first female welder ever. While doing shift work, she also took part in an on-the-job training program. Just three years later, she followed in the footsteps of her team leader, who supported her and encouraged her to become a leader herself. Now Amanda is once again facing a new challenge: she is passing on her extensive machine expertise to service employees and customers in training courses. This means they can benefit from her many years of experience, also as a manager, with TRUMPF.

Career story: Amanda Reel

A special career opportunity

Without doubt, it took Amanda a considerable amount of bravery and self-confidence to apply for the team leadership position in the welding team as a young woman. As a welder working shifts, she had previously worked closely with her colleagues in the workshop for many years. Now she has to give them instructions as their boss. Amanda's courage paid off: she got the job and has been fulfilling it with great passion ever since. "Getting myself and my team used to my new duties and responsibilities has probably been the biggest challenge in my career so far," she says.

Career story: Amanda Reel

Complete confidence from day 1

Even as a young professional and welder, Amanda was repeatedly encouraged by her former team leader to develop professionally and to set goals as high as possible. She learned a lot from him in her everyday work life, which, according to her, helped her enormously to become a team leader to whom trust and respect is displayed. "Good leaders produce good leaders," she concludes.

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