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SheetMaster (neue Generation)
SheetMaster (neue Generation)

SheetMaster (new generation)

Fast and fault-free loading and unloading including the sorting and packing of finished parts on pallets

Vereinzelungsstation des SheetMasters
Vereinzelungsstation des SheetMasters

SheetMaster (new generation)

The separation station reliably separates raw sheets

SheetMaster (new generation)
SheetMaster (new generation)

SheetMaster (new generation)

The gripping unit increases flexibility and improves part removal

Best possible loading and unloading, sorting and packing on pallets

The new SheetMaster automatically and reliably loads and unloads your punching machine or punch laser machine. It also sorts your finished parts and packs them on pallets. The separation station further increases the loading speed, as the raw sheets are pre-separated while the SheetMaster is still unloading parts. Individually selectable suction cups simplify removal. The SheetMaster uses the additional sorting axis to position your finished parts flexibly to save space. You can extend and connect your SheetMaster with additional components.

Safe and simple

The SheetMaster can easily remove sheet metal up to 6.4 mm and with the additional suction cup package this increases to 8 mm with a carrying capacity of 300 kg.

Consistently productive

The SheetMaster can quickly and safely remove heavy and small parts. It can flexibly manage the palletizing process and stacking between stacks.

Automatically cost-effective

The SheetMaster also works reliably and fully automatically during shifts where there is little or no personnel.

Safely independent

The GripMaster automatically disposes of scrap skeletons, remainder strips, and microjoint sheets.

Expandable at any time

Expand the SheetMaster with TruStore store, STOPA store, and various cart systems.

Simply quicker

The simultaneous pre-separation of raw sheets and deposit of finished parts increases the speed.

Safe and fast loading – fully automated with the SheetMaster
Flexible unloading and palletizing – fully automated with the SheetMaster

With the SheetMaster, you substantially increase your productivity. When manufacturing medium to large lot sizes, the automation component loads and unloads sheets with process reliability, parallel to production.

Gripping unit

The gripping unit is made up of gripper bars and gripper arms with individually controllable suction cups. It can palletize parts in any order and create intermediate stacks. The additional Y axis ensures that it uses the entire stacking area.

Separation station

The separation station separates raw sheets quickly and safely while the SheetMaster is still unloading parts. This shortens the loading operation.

TruMatic 5000 with SheetMaster (new generation)

The highly productive punch laser processing cell produces your parts fully automatically, with high energy efficiency and the best part quality.

TruMatic 5000 with SheetMaster (new generation)

The highly productive punch laser processing cell

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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