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Remote Support

Maximize the availability of your system by having any malfunctions rectified quickly, safely and remotely via Remote Support (previously Teleservice). After your approval, our trained service experts switch into your system via secure remote access. In this way, you benefit from quick fault diagnosis and resolution – without having to call in a technician on-site.

Quick and efficient help

Remote access, fault diagnosis, and troubleshooting via remote access to your system.

Online error correction

Following remote diagnostics, an on-site service call is often not required.

Most recent security standards

The convenient connection is secured according to the most up-to-date security standards.

First-rate support

Highly trained and experienced technical specialists are here for you.

The principle of remote support

Technical Service, remote support

  1. Start
    You initiate the connection generation from your user interface with one click.
  2. Secure connection
    With integrated machine hardware and a firewall in your company network, your connection is made secure.
  3. Virtual PC
    A virtual PC is generated especially for this session, and the secure communication is made through it.
  4. Access
    You give the TRUMPF specialists permission to access the user interface of the machine.
  5. Full transparency
    At your user interface, you can follow along with every step during the diagnostics and problem solving.
  6. Complete deletion
    The virtual PC generated for this particular session is deleted when it is over, after the problem has been solved.

The scope of services* at a glance

  • Remote diagnostics of malfunction causes and the identification of optimization potential
  • Remote malfunction elimination and increase in efficiency for your machine or laser system
  • Software and firmware updates for your machine performance and IT security
  • Development of detailed error descriptions and long-term analyses 
  • Interface analyses and security-relevant function checks
  • Specific and individual instructions during problems and after malfunctions

*The product-specific scope of services depends on the technical design of the machine or laser system and may therefore vary. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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