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Punching tools


Efficient setup and measuring.

Setup and Align Your Tools Quickly And Accurately

The new QuickSet enables you to set up and align the punch, stripper, and die particularly efficiently. The new QuickSet combines the previous QuickSet and QuickLoad functions into one piece of high-performanceadditional equipment for punching or punch laser machines. All of the required tool parameters are determined in just one measuring procedure and displayed digitally. Measurement errors are reduced thus significantly increasing the safety of the punching process. Overall, you will save around 40% of your time per tool and can thus concentrate on your value-adding production operations – ensuring that users and the company benefit in equal measures.

The advantages of QuickSet

3-in-1 measurement

All of the required tool parameters, such as the punch length, stripper plunging depth, and die height are determined in just one time-saving measuring stroke.

Direct setup in the tool cartridge

The cartridge compartment ensures that separate setup in the RTC tool cartridge is not necessary.

Fast and reliable alignment

The alignment ring is optimally and quickly aligned with the punch.

Improving safety

Setup mistakes are easily detected using a test stroke.

Integrated unloading

Simple disassembly of the alignment ring and punch on the integrated unloading station.


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