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Punching tools


Regrinding in the blink of an eye

Regrind punching tools quickly and easily

Guarantee long tool life: The fully automatic QuickSharp tool-grinding device is the perfect solution for the easy and reliable regrinding of your TRUMPF punching tools.

Erhöhte Standzeit​

Durch das regelmäßige Nachschleifen sichern Sie sich eine hohe Werkzeugverfügbarkeit.​

Hohe Stanzqualität ​

Durch die einfache Revision der Stempel und Matrizen erhalten Sie dauerhaft beste Bearbeitungsergebnisse. 

User-friendly operation

Regrind tools quickly and simply due to complete automation and user-friendly operation.

Optimal surface quality

A high level of surface quality is achieved for the reground tools through the frontal grinding process.

Intelligent tool clamping

Clamping fixtures integrated into QuickSharp enable optimal tool clamping for the best results.


Regrinding of punches with bevels, such as the Whisper or rooftop edges, or MultiTool punch inserts.

Proper maintenance has a considerable influence on the service life of your punching tools. Through regular regrinding, you can ensure the best processing results and a high level of tool availability for the long term. The QuickSharp tool grinding device provides valuable assistance, especially when many punching tools are in use and tool wear is high. Through the simple and reliable handling with automatic tool length measurement, the regrinding process almost takes care of itself. With the integrated clamping fixture, you can even regrind punches with bevel shears or MultiTool punch inserts in the blink of an eye. The frontal grinding process also ensures that the thermal and mechanical load of the cutting edges is reduced to a minimum.


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