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With our TruPrint 5000 and 500°C preheating option on the substrate plate, you always have control over temperatures in the process chamber. Homogeneous heat distribution, which specifically prevents stress in the component, reliably achieves optimum printing results for your application. And works in series production too.

Higher quality production

Lower residual stresses measurably increase component quality, especially with Ti64. At the same time, you benefit from having greater design freedom and a very robust production process.

Processing a wider range of raw materials

Be it H11 or H13, our preheating option enables you to process a much wider range of materials and achieve improved component quality.

Less post-processing

The preheating function means that component production requires fewer support structures saving you not only material but also time and costly post-processing.

Reliable series production

Industrial-grade printing with the TruPrint 5000 and the preheating option 500°C for series production. The tried and tested exchangeable cylinder principle can also be used in combination with high preheating temperatures.

See for yourself: What 500°C preheating does

Industries that particularly benefit from preheating

Some materials, e.g. Ti64, H11 or H13, are common in certain industries and are ideal for 3D printing with 500°C pre-heating, especially when producing larger components.

TruPrint 5000 and 500°C preheating: The perfect combination for your application

TruPrint 5000
TruPrint 5000

Manufacture 3D printed parts in series at high levels of productivity and quality! The TruPrint 5000 and optional substrate plate preheating up to 500°C ensures high quality parts and a robust LMF process. The integrated exchangeable cylinder principle also makes it possible to set up the cylinders and remove powder for build jobs parallel to the LMF process.

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