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CMF implants

Medical technology & dentistry TruPrint Titanium Additive manufacturing

Individual solutions help tumor patients and patients with with congenital or acquired deformations, for example caused by trauma or atrophy. Additive Manufacturing enables the production of high-quality implants that are available quickly, are based on anatomical patient data, and help to speed up recovery. In conjunction with TRUMPF, the KLS Martin Group validated the TruPrint 2000 for the production of implants adapted to individual patients' needs. This was possible due to the machine's small focus, compact and robust machine concept, multilaser and monitoring.

Jaw implant with immediate functionality

Skull plate with a lattice structure

High precision
Reduction in surgical intervention
Cost-efficient production that saves time

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: Ti6Al4V ELI​

Weight: Jaw implant 113 g, pre-prosthetic implant 10 g, orbital implant 1 g

Volume: Jaw implant 25.5 cm³, pre-prosthetic implant 2.3 cm³, orbital implant 0.3 cm³

Dimensions: Jaw implant 176 mm x 94 mm x 135 mm, pre-prosthetic implant 55 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm, orbital implant 41 mm x 18 mm x 34 mm

Construction duration: Single laser 41 h, multilaser 26 h

Number of layers: 4677, each 30 µm

Created by: KLS Martin Group

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TruPrint 2000
TruPrint 2000

Are you looking for a profitable machine concept with outstanding printing results? The TruPrint 2000 meets these requirements exactly. With its full-field multilaser, consisting of 2 x 300 W (optionally 2 x 500 W) lasers, a beam diameter of 80 µm and a short recoating time, it delivers excellent results. Its build volume is 200 x 200 mm in the base area and 200 mm in height. The production process is based on a closed powder circuit under shielding gas, which ensures simple and practical handling and the highest occupational safety.

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