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Satellite thrust nozzle

Aviation and aerospace TruPrint Nickel Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing enables ultra-efficient and cost-effective production of power units for satellites or other load capacities. The option to produce components using niobium means they can be used in extreme temperature ranges from -150°C to > 1000°C. The company Agile Space Industries uses TruPrint 2000 for the 3D printing of thrust nozzles, saving on material and weight. 3D printing is particularly sustainable when using rare raw materials and expensive alloys. The thrust nozzles are used by satellites to align and maintain their position, by landing modules to touch down, and by rockets to adjust their flying direction.

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: Pure nickel or niobium (C-103)

Weight: 622 g

Construction duration: Single laser 13 h 39 min, multilaser 10 h 47 min

Number of layers: 4414 each 40 µm

Created by: Agile Space Industries

3D printing is particularly sustainable for the sometimes rare raw materials and expensive alloys, such as niobium-based alloys. These special, extremely heat-resistant alloys cost up to USD 1,600 per kilogram. 3D printers, on the other hand, only use the material that is ultimately needed.

Frantisek Hacik

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TruPrint 2000
TruPrint 2000

Are you looking for a profitable machine concept with outstanding printing results? The TruPrint 2000 meets these requirements exactly. With its full-field multilaser, consisting of 2 x 300 W (optionally 2 x 500 W) lasers, a beam diameter of 80 µm and a short recoating time, it delivers excellent results. Its build volume is 200 x 200 mm in the base area and 200 mm in height. The production process is based on a closed powder circuit under shielding gas, which ensures simple and practical handling and the highest occupational safety.

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