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Facing the digital future with a modular approach

The metal construction company Riguzzi in Felben has managed to network and digitize its internal processes smoothly. The main key to success: the modular TruTops Fab software combined with different TRUMPF machines.

Logo - Riguzzi sheet metal processing

Riguzzi AG
Logo - Riguzzi sheet metal processing

The Swiss Riguzzi Group sees itself as a partner for all metal and plastic processing challenges. The company has three sites in Thurgau, Switzerland, with a modern machine fleet and all the resources required to respond flexibly to customer requests and to ensure short delivery times. Founded in 1980 by Guido Riguzzi, Andreas Riguzzi has developed the group of companies and is now leading it in its second generation.

Metal construction
Number of employees
Felben, Switzerland
TRUMPF products
  • TruBend Center
  • 7030 TruBend 7036
  • TruBend 7050
  • TruBend 5320
  • TruMatic 6000
  • TruLaser 3040 fiber
  • TruMark 5010
  • TruConnect


Company owner Andreas Riguzzi decided to invest in an additional production hall for mounting assemblies. The metal constructor also purchased some other TRUMPF machines for sheet metal processing. However, there was a lack of in-house organization of production data. The self-programmed software, based on a generally available database, was overwhelmed by the increasing number of access attempts.

Thanks to digitization, we were able to reduce our organizational time and labor expenditure as well as costs by up to 50 percent.

Andreas Riguzzi
Company owner of Riguzzi AG


In close consultation with TRUMPF Schweiz, Riguzzi discovered the TRUMPF TruTops Fab software which meets his needs perfectly. He installed it, investing in a TRUMPF bending and laser processing machine at the same time. TruTops Fab is modular, so that the user can install the modules they need for their current requirements and for their specific situation. This means that all internal procedures in sheet metal processing can be digitized individually.



Digitization with TruTops Fab from TRUMPF has proven itself a success at Riguzzi for two years now. The machine operators and programmers are happy with the software as well. They have mastered the transition from the previously paper order, data and operation sheets well. In workshops, the staff learned how to use the software to enter data into these digital communication devices, to select and read order data. TRUMPF provided extensive support during this training phase with customized seminars, training and workshops.


Andreas Riguzzi recently invested in further TRUMPF machines, including a TruBend 7036 with a press force of 360 kN, a TruBend 7050 with a press force of 500 kN and a TruBend with 1530 mm bending length. The opportunities for digital networking were the most significant factor for the investment, and less the machines' working speeds.

Andreas Riguzzi wants to take the next leap forward in the coming year. He is already working closely with Smart Factory Consulting from TRUMPF to make this happen. The systematic external perspective and the expertise of worldwide customer projects helps Andreas Riguzzi validate his ideas and develop solution-oriented concepts in collaboration.

According to Riguzzi, TRUMPF is and remains the best partner for medium-sized companies, particularly when it comes to consultation, training and system installations in combination with Industry 4.0.

Find out more about the products

TruTops Boost
TruTops Boost

Boost your performance at the touch of a button with the unique software for 3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch-laser, and bending machines.

TruLaser Series 3000 fiber, flexible standard machine
TruLaser Series 3000

As true all-around machines for laser cutting, the TruLaser Series 3000 machines are sure to impress you with their flexibility and reliability.

TruConnect KeyVisual

Whether you are already making great strides into the networked future of your company or are just starting out, the goal is clear: be ready for constantly increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. You will implement your Smart Factory step by step with our innovative TruConnect range of solutions. No two paths are the same because TruConnect enables individual components to be combined to create customized solutions.

TruBend Center 7030 – fully automatic and precise panel bending with high flexibility
TruBend Center 7030

The TruBend Center 7030 processes your sheet metal completely automatically. A rotary part manipulator rotates and moves the workpieces while operating at high speed.

TruBend Series 7000
TruBend Series 7000

The TruBend Series 7000 is a prime example of perfect interaction between man and machine. High speeds and acceleration values on the bending machine in conjunction with optimal work conditions ensure first-rate overall productivity.

TruBend Series 5000, productive all-around machine
TruBend Series 5000

The TruBend Series 5000 TRUMPF's most successful bending machine worldwide. Using the press brake, your production will be unmatched – from programming, to setup, to the actual bending.

TruMatic 6000, robust universal machine
TruMatic 6000

The TruMatic 6000 is a versatile machine with sophisticated laser and punching technology. The high power of the punching head and laser guarantees exceptional productivity, while the machine also stands out thanks to the impressive cutting quality of the CO2 laser. An ingenious concept and various options also ensure a high level of energy efficiency.

TruMark Series 5000 – flexible and productive with compact laser head
TruMark Series 5000

The fiber laser-based TruMark Series 5000 offers the optimum combination of high power, high frequencies, and adjustable pulse duration. The high-power marking laser is designed for demanding applications with high power requirements and short cycle times.