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Autz + Herrmann GmbH, a fourth-generation family-run business, was founded in 1909 in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In the early 1980s, the former CEOs were one of the first TRUMPF customers to invest in a laser cutting system and thus made a name for themselves as a pioneer of this technology. The business couple Irina Autz and Florian Friedrich are not resting on their laurels and are steering the company towards a successful future with continuous modernization, automation, and digitization measures. By adding fully automated panel bending, Irina Autz and Florian Friedrich are closing a gap in their portfolio and are ensuring the company has a technological advantage when it comes to forming. "The entire system consisting of the machine, robot-based loading and unloading system, and storage connection is an excellent solution that provides us with a lot of opportunities," states Florian Friedrich happily.

Autz + Herrmann GmbH

The family-owned company Autz + Herrmann was founded 115 years ago. The small locksmith based in Heidelberg, Germany, has developed into an internationally recognized sheet metal processing specialist that supplies parts and complete ready-to-install assemblies to a variety of sectors. The pioneering spirit of the company has been passed from generation to generation and came to light in the early 1980s when Autz + Herrmann made a name for themselves as pioneers of this technology by purchasing one of the first laser systems from TRUMPF. And this spirit is still alive today: Irina Autz and Florian Friedrich, the fourth generation of CEOs, have ensured the company is well positioned for the future by making smart investments in new machines and comprehensive automation and digitalization measures over the last ten years.  

Metal processing system supplier
Number of employees
Heidelberg (Germany)
TRUMPF Products
  • TruBend Center 7020
  • TruMatic 7000
  • STOPA store
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser welding
  • Punch laser processing
  • Bending


Even successful companies such as Autz + Herrmann have to adapt to changing market requirements. In line with the company motto "Unlimited sheet metal", the CEOs Irina Autz and Florian Friedrich are always on the look out for new technologies and automation options. Automated panel bending had not been part of their portfolio to date. When they received a request from a customer for 10,000 parts per year, the pair soon realized that the existing machines and number of benders would not suffice. They decided to invest in a TruBend Center 7020 from TRUMPF. Initially, they were thinking of a small automation solution. However, extensive consultations with the bending experts at TRUMPF and the strategic TRUMPF partner and automation specialist Starmatik highlighted that automating the system with a robot system would be a better solution. The two entrepreneurs Autz and Friedrich are the first TRUMPF customers to opt for the TruBend Center 7020 including the fully automated loading and unloading unit supplied by TRUMPF and Starmatik. As suggested by the TRUMPF experts, connecting the system to the existing STOPA store has further accelerated the automated processes.

By investing in the TruBend Center 7020 including the robot automation, we are on the right course to becoming a technology leader in the forming sector.

Irina Autz
CEO, Autz + Herrmann GmbH


TRUMPF and the automation specialist Starmatik have been partners since 2021. Autz + Herrmann is the first company to benefit from this strategic partnership. During comprehensive and well-informed consultations, the experts from TRUMPF and Starmatik developed a solution for Autz + Herrmann that establishes the company as a current and future technology leader in the panel bending sector.  

The TruBend Center 7020 panel bender with a robot-based loading and unloading unit from Starmatik is connected to the STOPA store with 550 storage spaces. Finished parts are unloaded from this system during continuous operation without interrupting the bending process. "The entire system has a high production rate and hardly needs any operators," explains Florian Friedrich. "It is not a matter of reducing staff numbers. Fully automated machines, such as the TruBend Center 7020 enable us to use valuable skilled personnel for different tasks."  

In addition to its speed, the TruBend Center 7020 stands out for its quality. "Thanks to the sensor-based angle measuring system ACB Laser, we can check the angles during the bending process and even bend small tolerances very accurately. We program all of the bending machines using the TecZone Bend programming system and SimulEasy simulation software. The program creates 3D simulations including collision monitoring. This ensures that even complex components can be processed accurately and safely," explains Florian Friedrich.   

The overall solution, comprising the panel bender and automated robot loading and unloading, considerably increases cycle and throughput times at the Autz + Herrmann bending center enabling the business partners to win new customers. "The expansion of our bending skills and new production options match our claim "Unlimited sheet metal" – everything from a single source," explains Irina Autz. 



"We value the competent advice provided by TRUMPF," states Irina Autz. "The panel bender and automation project in particular highlighted the importance of this advice." While Florian Friedrich adds: "The experts at TRUMPF and Starmatik invested a lot of time and listened to us while working as a team – we really appreciated this approach. Ultimately, we received everything from a single source."  


Just like their predecessors, CEOs Irina Autz und Florian Friedrich, have established a close and trusting partnership with TRUMPF. They would like to maintain this partnership in future. "Our contact person at TRUMPF does not place any pressure on us. He understands and advises us. This really was showcased during the last project," explains Florian Friedrich. In addition to further expanding the bending skills, both of the CEOs are hoping to broaden the strategic focus with their own products.

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Last updated: 2024-03-26