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TruPrint 5000 Green Edition
.World Premiere
TruPrint 5000 Green Edition
Additive production system

TruPrint 5000 Green Edition

3D printing of pure copper thanks to the unique combination of green laser light and the additive manufacturing system

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.World Premiere
Visit our AM Showroom
Additive production system

TruPrint 5000 Green Edition

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Green laser: 3D printing of copper and copper alloys

As a leader in innovation and technology, TRUMPF combines the expertise in additive manufacturing with competence in developing cutting-edge industrial beam sources. The unique result: TruPrint 5000 Green Edition is based on the previous TruPrint 1000 Green Edition concept and increases the build volume and productivity. With the green wavelength (515 nm), the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition has the right tool for printing highly reflective materials such as copper. This opens up new opportunities for manufacturing induction coils, components for complex cooling applications, and for products such as high-performance heat exchangers for power electronics and optoelectronics, as well as electric motor development and further high-end applications that can benefit from the highly conductive properties of copper.

Unique combination of the green laser and additive manufacturing

Makes it possible to 3D print highly reflective materials, such as copper and copper alloys.

Outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity

Highly conductive pure copper ETP (Cu content of > 99.9 %) achieves an electrical conductivity of 100 % IACS.

Highest quality and productivity of printed pure copper and copper alloys

Robust and reproducible process at the highest level of productivity.

High machine availability

The industrial system is designed for a high thermal load. Laser degradation does not occur.

Laser wavelength degree of absorption for metals
Unique combination of the green laser and additive manufacturing

Highly reflective materials can be processed thanks to the combination of the TruPrint 5000 with the TRUMPF TruDisk 1020, one of the first industrial green lasers on the market with a wavelength of 515 nm. The TruPrint 5000 Green Edition now makes it possible to 3D print materials such as copper and copper alloys, which would be impossible or extremely difficult to process with infrared wavelengths.

Outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity

A variety of applications benefit from the combination of additive manufacturing and the outstanding thermal and electrical properties of pure copper and copper alloys. This opens up new opportunities for manufacturing induction coils and components for complex cooling applications, for example, for power and optoelectronics. By using highly conductive pure copper ETP (EN CW004A) with a specified Cu content of > 99.9%, the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition is able to achieve an electrical conductivity of 100% IACS and porosity values of far below 0.5% for such applications.

The figure shows a cross section image of a copper application (copper ETP) magnified 100 times.
Highest quality and productivity of printed pure copper and copper alloys

The TruPrint 5000 Green Edition makes it possible to manufacture parts with copper alloys such as CuCr1Zr with a larger process window and higher productivity than infrared LMF laser systems. The figure shows a cross section image of a copper application (copper ETP) magnified 100 times.

TruDisk with green wavelength

With green wavelength, copper and other highly reflective materials can be welded not just efficiently, but also in high quality: Processing on the green side of light.

RFQ particle accelerator from CERN I.FAST Projekt

As part of the CERN-coordinated *project I.FAST (Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and Technology), the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition was used to print a radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ). The particle accelerator is additively manufactured from pure copper. Conventionally, the component is laboriously milled, soldered and heat-treated in several steps to ensure distortion-free manufacture.

*This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101004730.

Functional example for electric motor development

Additive manufacturing offers a wide range of advantages in the development of electric motors: The design of copper windings is improved, making it possible to increase the copper fill factor. Busbars or power rails can be integrated for reduced connections. By cooling the housing, the eDrive performance increases significantly.

Gas coolers with TPMS structures

The gas cooler from Modell- und Formenbau Blasius Gerg was additively manufactured from pure copper. The hot gas that is passed through is cooled by water inside the heat exchanger, with the TPMS (Triply Periodic Minimal Surface) structures optimizing efficiency and heat transfer.

Copper inductor manufactured with 3D printing

Levitation coil

In the levitation coil shown, a metallic body can be made to levitate and melt in an electromagnetic field. The seamless 3D printing of the component reduces joining and solder joints to prevent leaks in the inner cooling channel. Complex geometry requirements for wall thickness and shape are implemented.

Transistor cooler made of pure copper, manufactured with 3D printing

Transistor cooler

The heat conductivity of the transistor cooler printed from pure copper is identical to that of conventional copper. Improved cooling capacity is achieved thanks to the newly designed and additive-optimized geometry. The redesign also enables effective direct assembly.

High-efficiency cooler for electronics

The TruPrint 5000 Green Edition enables the flexible, economical production of coolers made of highly conductive pure copper. The component has significantly improved cooling due to internal cooling channels that are close to the contour.

Heat exchanger with internal cooling channel

The inner cooling channel of the pure copper printed heat exchanger has a very flat attachment point and overhang angle, held only by the structure. The design, aimed at reducing mass, is comprised of the finest structures (0.5 mm) and guarantees a good surface/weight ratio. Material properties are equivalent to conventional copper ETP without the need for heat treatment directly from the machine.

Semi-conductor heat exchanger

The overall capacity of the component is increased due to the combination of an additive manufacturing-oriented design for support-free construction and geometry optimized for cooling performance, combined with the high thermal conductivity of the material equal to that of conventional pure copper. A very thin wall (0.4 - 0.5 mm) to the semi-conductor connection area also improves heat dissipation.

Drive shaft inductor

Conventionally, copper inductors consist of several segments that are bent or milled and soldered together. By way of 3D printing from pure copper, these can now be manufactured in one piece without soldering or other weak points. You benefit from a degree of design freedom to optimize the inductor efficiency and its energy consumption.

Designed by: SMS Elotherm GmbH.

Heat exchanger with liquid mixer

The pure copper heat exchanger ETP (CW004A) not only has the task of extracting the heat from a medium. It is also a liquid mixer with two separate inlets at the bottom that are mixed through several thin channels (1mm inner diameter) into an outlet at the top of the part. The component has a conductivity of 101% IACS, 394 W/(m*K) heat conductivity and a part density of 99.9%.

TruPrint 5000 Green Edition
Build volume (cylinder) Diameter 300 mm x 400 mm Height
Preheating (standard) Up to 200 °C
Maximum laser power at the workpiece (TRUMPF disk laser) 800 W
Beam diameter (standard) 210 μm
Layer thickness 30 - 150 μm
Build rate Up to 100 cm³/h
Connection and consumption  
Electrical connection (voltage) TruPrint 5000: 400 V
TruDisk 1020: 400 V
Electrical connection (current intensity) TruPrint 5000: 32 A
TruDisk 1020: 16 A
Electrical connection (frequency) TruPrint 5000: 50 Hz
TruDisk 1020: 50 Hz
Shielding gas Nitrogen, argon
Structural design  
Weight (including powder) TruPrint 5000: 7007 kg
TruDisk 1020: 530 kg
Dimensions (including filter, electrical cabinet) (W x H x D) 4616 mm x 2038 mm x 4234 mm

TruTops Print

TRUMPF provides the suitable software solution with TruTops Print so you can get the best out of the TruPrint machines. The modern user interface summarizes all functionalities in a clear overview and facilitates quick access to all functions. Maximum efficiency and productivity with optimum printing quality, reproducibility and support-reduced overhang construction are ensured thanks to the high degree of flexibility and the individual options for data preparation, such as z-segmentation, as well as the intuitive and clearly arranged parameter management with fully accessible parameters. The high quality of the generated vector data in the WZA file format can be verified with the integrated BuildJob Viewer.

Data preparation suitable for your workflow

TruTops Print is already connected with numerous CAD/CAM systems for a seamless data preparation workflow. This offers you the greatest possible flexibility when selecting the data preparation software. Decide for yourself which solution suits your workflow perfectly.

TruPrint monitoring

Using TRUMPF's intelligent monitoring solutions, you can monitor, analyze and calibrate the LFM process of the TruPrint machines with ease. You can then produce even more efficiently and achieve higher component quality. The professional monitoring process makes it possible to display and analyze sensor-based data. The offer comprises solutions for monitoring the process, condition, and performance. The monitoring results can be seen directly on the HMI of the TruPrint machine or can be analyzed offline via the Monitoring Analyzer. With TruTops Monitor, you get full transparency along with the option to have remote access via a PC or tablet. Furthermore, the OPC UA interface provides full flexibility to connect to your own software solution. With the additionally available calibration functions, you can check the process-relevant parameters for optimal production conditions before the start of the build job.

Powders and parameters

High-quality metal powders are the basis for reliable process conditions in additive manufacturing. The combination of recommended powders and the correct parameters creates high-quality material properties for 3D-printed components.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

Industrial part and powder management
Industrial part and powder management

The optimal handling of powder and components is an essential requirement for additive series production on an industrial scale. Discover the TRUMPF products for industrial part and powder management.

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