LoadMaster, easy loading for every 2D laser machine
LoadMaster, easy loading for every 2D laser machine


Easy loading for every 2D laser machine

LoadMaster, reliable sheet metal separating process
LoadMaster, reliable sheet metal separating process


A reliable process for separating sheet metal increases productivity and reduces rejects.


Safe loading for all 2D laser machines

The universal loading unit, LoadMaster, will automatically supply unprocessed sheets to your machine. A suction cup moves the sheets from the loading station to the pallet changer and sets them down there. Finished sheets can be easily unloaded by hand. The LoadMaster stands for process reliability and high productivity at low costs – for all 2D laser machines and with any sheet thickness.

Easy loading of sheets up to 1 inch thick

Automatic loading without additional equipment takes the strain off operators and increases occupational safety.

Increased productivity

Faster order processing through automated loading with unprocessed material.

Process reliability, even in thin sheets

As an option, thin unprocessed sheets can also be reliably separated.

Simple loading of a laser cutting machine with the LoadMaster.

To ensure the fastest possible supply of materials, you can connect your machine to your materials store. In this context, you can expand your LoadMaster with TRUMPF cart systems in accordance with your individual needs. They automatically provide raw sheets where needed.

With the modular design, you can tailor the TruStore Series 1000 to suit your company's needs. As your requirements grow, you can upgrade your system to the TruStore Series 3000 at any time.

The LoadMaster loads a TruLaser 3030
Loading station

The loading station is equipped with fanning magnets for the separation of ferromagnetic unprocessed sheets.

Cart systems
Cart systems

With individual and dual cart systems for loading and unloading, you can integrate the LiftMaster into your materials warehouse.

The LoadMaster loads a TruLaser 3030

The LoadMaster loads a TruLaser 3030

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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