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You gain a lot of freedom with digital networking: You see more, know more, and obtain the best from your production. You can design your Smart Factory step-by-step using TruConnect, thereby optimizing your production process.

Industry 4.0 – What is a Smart Factory?

Warum vernetzt fertigen?

Increasing individualization: A trend toward smaller lot sizes

Increasing individualization: A trend toward smaller lot sizes

Increasing individualization is changing industry. Large lot sizes are a thing of the past. Today, variance is increasing and lot sizes are decreasing. The result of this is numerous different orders with small quantities. The outlay for your upstream and downstream working steps remains the same, however. In fact, indirect processes make up around 80% of the processing time. It is here that the greatest optimization potential can be found. TruConnect can help you to optimize indirect processes. The advantage you gain from Smart Factory: With networking, you can even produce small lot sizes profitably. This makes small orders worthwhile once again.

Geschichte der Vernetzten Fertigung

The working world is changing

The working world is changing

Technical innovations are changing the working world – sometimes in small steps, sometimes in large, revolutionary jumps. We are at the start of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital transformation. It will fundamentally change our lives and working world, including sheet metal processing. The advantage of Industry 4.0 is that  new networking solutions are being created every day that provide enormous optimization potential. They combine different components within a production facility and beyond. The factory of the future optimizes procedures for the long term and drastically shortens processes. What path will you take into the world of networked production?

Your benefits from digital networking

When digitally networked, your production system is made transparent. You always know what is happening at that point in time and can plan better. Indirect processes are automated. You can produce faster and with more flexibility, making it easier to manage your processes. An important advantage – especially for smaller lot sizes.

Simple networking with TruConnect

TruConnect solutions connect humans and machines through information. Here, it includes all the steps in the production process – from the quotation right through to the shipping of parts. No two solutions are the same as the separate components are individually combined for each customer. You benefit from a modular, expandable solution with which you can optimize your processes step-by-step.

Optimize indirect processes

With TruConnect you can optimize your indirect processes, thereby reducing throughput times. The networking of all organizational and management tasks results in greater efficiency and consistency in your operation. This means general costs decrease while throughput increases.

Remaining competitive

Digital networking makes your production more efficient along the entire line, and you can even produce small lot sizes cost-effectively. This means you are optimally prepared for the increasing range of variants, small lot sizes, and decreasing margins. Your production system becomes transparent, reaction times are decreased, and you can easily meet the increasing increasing documentation requirements. As a result, you serve your customers faster and more conveniently.

Well advised: Your way to the Smart Factory

No two production systems are the same, which means your path to the Smart Factory is also unique. With consultancy for networked production, this is precisely where we come in. Your development possibilities and goals form the starting point of all our considerations. Based on this, we provide you with targeted advice on your path to the Smart Factory. No matter whether you would like to take a peek into the world of networking or want to exploit specific potential in your production facility – we can offer you the right consultancy component for any situation.

Ihr Weg zur Smart Factory

Smart Factory Experience: Half-day event at TRUMPF

During a half-day event at TRUMPF in Ditzingen you will learn what is meant by networked production and what potential it has to offer. You can experience Industry 4.0 live during a tour of TRUMPF and discuss the possibilities with our experts.

Smart Factory Check: One-day check for potential in your production facility

During a visit to your production facility, we can reveal where it would make most sense for you to enter into networked production. To do this, we will analyze the indirect processes in your production system and identify areas for action with a high level of optimization potential through networking.

Smart Factory Consulting: 5-day consultation in your production facility

You will be provided with a detailed concept for your Smart Factory. For this, our consultants will go into a detailed analysis of all your direct and indirect processes and determine the networking level of your production facility. Here, they will identify the main areas for action and evaluate the monetary potentials. You will be given specific recommendations for each area of action including suitable solutions, savings potentials, required investment, and an implementation plan.

Your advantage: An experienced partner

With TRUMPF you are choosing an experienced partner for the realization of your Smart Factory. TRUMPF designs the Industry 4.0 concept from the very beginning and provides crucial momentum on the path to the production system of the future. For more than ten years we have also provided our customers with advice regarding lean production according to SYNCHRO. TruConnect furthers this approach: Intelligent digitalization and networking make lean production even more efficient and flexible.

The optimum solution for every situation

What potential will digital networking have for you? Which TruConnect modules will advance your operations? You can quickly find answers to these questions with our range of consultancy offers.

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Harness the full potential of digital networking and use our software solutions to ensure your production continues without interruption.

Smart Factory

Our TruConnect networking solutions optimize your production and ensure a flexible, cost-effective overall process in line with Industry 4.0.

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The Smart Factory optimizes your machines, lasers, and laser systems using a variety of sensor data.


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