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How are you preparing your production processes for new challenges? Intelligent automation solutions are an important foundation for cost-effective production. Automated production processes offer a lot of advantages: production processes are transparent and efficient at all times, enabling your employees to concentrate on the job at hand, increasing motivation. In addition, your customers can also rely on you as a dependable supplier. The interaction of the machines with automation and software is also becoming more and more important for a sustainable factory. With Smart Factory, we offer you a tailor-made world of solutions for setting up networked production.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Networking enables cost-effective production and means you remain adaptable.

A quick response

Automation means you can respond faster to increasingly short product lifecycles.

Greater flexibility when planning

Modular automation concepts help you to cope with fluctuations in the economy.

2D laser cutting

Laser tube cutting

Punching and punch laser processing


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Storage systems

With our storage and logistics systems, you benefit from a modular system of compact, efficient, and flexible intelligent storage solutions.

Synapse image depicting a Smart Factory
Smart Factory

With the modular networking solutions from TRUMPF, we help our customers to create a continuous flow in their production facility, thereby arranging their entire production process with increased transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Customer success stories

You can find our customers' success stories here, attractively arranged on one dashboard. Authentic, personal, easy to read and filter. Want to find out more? Take a look!

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