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Whether it's in sensors for autonomous driving or driver monitoring, in smartphones or in digital data transmission – laser diodes from TRUMPF Photonic Components are used in countless high-tech applications for the consumer market and in the industrial sector. They offer the benefit of top performance data transmission with a comparatively low power input. In the case of VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) laser diodes, the light is emitted perpendicular to the plane of the semiconductor chip; this is different to edge-emitting laser diodes, where the light is emitted on one or two edges of the chip. 

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Machines and systems from TRUMPF
Machines & systems

If you require flexible processing of sheet metal and tubes, TRUMPF can offer the ideal machine tools and laser systems in a wide range of applications.

Advantages of the TRUMPF VCSEL

What is a VCSEL laser and what are its advantages compared to other laser diodes? What is the structure that makes the special functionality of VCSEL arrays possible in the first place? Find out on this page what makes TRUMPF VCSEL so special and where they are used. 

TRUMPF VCSEL lasers support all conventional protocols
Data communication

What role do VCSEL and photodiodes play in data communication? Find out on this page why these two technologies are the right solution for our modern high-speed internet and all the audiovisual applications that come along with it, such as HD/4K television and streaming services.

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