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TRUMPF products in the construction industry

Construction industry

Robust and durable – TRUMPF products are tailored to the industry

The construction industry is booming, with construction experts believing the industry is capable of growth of up to 70% by 2025. TRUMPF sees a promising future for the construction industry and has developed power tools which meet exacting customer requirements. The focus is on robust, durable products which can be used efficiently. TRUMPF can provide the right power tool for virtually any metalwork. When our competitors' tools can't cut it, TRUMPF's products are a cut above the rest. Our machines can easily handle flat sheets made from mild steel or fabrications up to 0.4 in. thick, for example.


Roofs & facades


Construction work on roofs and facades is always particularly challenging. TRUMPF wants to make this work as simple and safe as possible and has therefore, developed lightweight and durable mobile power tools. For example, the TRUMPF panel cutter can cut roof panels and wall sections accurately at right angles, in a single operation without the need for a starting hole. Our slitting shears are also highly accurate. They produce distortion-free cuts and are ideal for interior cutouts and notches. The profiling nibblers can be used universally for trapezoidal and corrugated sheets, as well as C-L-U profiles.

Dismantling work


Dismantling specialists have relied on the robust TRUMPF nibblers for decades. When disassembling tanks, the most crucial aspect for us is the safety of our employees and the environment. Our nibblers do not produce any flying sparks, which prevents explosions. There are also no emissions, such as unwanted smoke, which could endanger our employees' health. When developing the tools, we focus on designing them for everyday use and ensuring that customers incur minimal repair and maintenance costs over the course of the tools' (often long) service lives.

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation


Regardless of whether you need to prepare accurate interior cutouts on ventilation grilles or lock extremely long Pittsburgh lock seams – with the shears, slitting shears, and seam lockers from TRUMPF, you can complete these tasks quickly and to a consistently high quality level. Our power fasteners enable you to attach connection flanges for ventilation and heating ducts and produce straightforward, fatigue-resistant sheet metal connections without the use of consumables – a clear competitive advantage over other methods. The durable battery machines also enable our customers to move around the construction site as they wish.

Architectural glass & glass coating

Architekturglas und Glasbeschichtung

When coating glass for the purposes of temperature control, scratch resistance, anti-reflection treatment, or solar control coatings, high demands are placed on the power supply to ensure the architectural glass is coated evenly and to a high quality. This can only be achieved with plasma technology. Direct current and medium frequency generators (DC and MF generators) from TRUMPF Hüttinger can offer a wide power and frequency spectrum. Leading manufacturers of large scale coating systems rely on our MF, bipolar, and DC generators because our products fulfil stringent requirements regarding quality, reliability, and long-term stability.

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