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Air conditioning and energy technology | TRUMPF
Energy and air conditioning technology

Air conditioning and energy technology

When it comes to producing solutions for buildings and small lot sizes, TRUMPF offers flexible tool concepts for industry.

Whether it's filters, ventilators, ventilation shafts, high-voltage cables, or capacitors – the air conditioning and energy technology sector is dependent on a large number of large and small machines and tools for production. There is an increasing demand for custom solutions for special buildings, which require flexible machine concepts from manufacturers.

Sheet metal processing

TruPunch 5000, Musterteil mit kratzfreier Oberfläche

Lots of products used in air conditioning technology and energy technology are created from sheet metal designs. As a result, for example, devices for ventilation are often punched and cut using a laser. As these are often customized and manufactured in small lot sizes, our customers can benefit from the flexible machine concepts from TRUMPF. With combined punch laser machines, manufacturers can perform both laser cutting and punching on a single machine. With the coated TRUMPF bending tools, it is also possible to productively and precisely shape the often galvanized sheets that are used in the industry.

Energy storage

Optimized for use with redox flow battery storage systems

Since solar systems do not produce a constant supply of energy, storage systems need to be used. In order to connect the storage systems to the power supply, TRUMPF Hüttinger develops and supplies innovative bidirectional inverters, which efficiently charge and discharge the battery system. Due to the modular design, they can be used in storage solutions of different power classes ranging from kilowatts to megawatts. TRUMPF lasers are also used to weld the electrical contacts. Distortion-free seams are guaranteed as the heat input is low and restricted locally.



Regardless of whether you need to prepare accurate interior cutouts on ventilation ducts or lock extremely long Pittsburgh  seams – with the shears, slitting shears, and seam lockers from TRUMPF, you can complete these tasks quickly and to a consistently high quality level. Our power fasteners enable you to attach connection flanges for ventilation and heating ducts and produce straightforward, fatigue-resistant sheet metal connections without the use of consumables – a clear competitive advantage over other methods. The durable battery machines also enable our customers to move around the construction site as they wish.

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